‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Lulu Have Revenge Sex With Johnny, Gets Back At Dante For Valerie Cheating?

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Will Lulu Have Revenge Sex With Johnny, Gets Back At Dante For Valerie Cheating?‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers tease that Lulu Spencer [Emme Rylan] may soon have some revenge on Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna] and it could involve Johnny Zacchara [Brandon Barash]. Will Lulu bed Johnny to get back at Dante for sleeping with Valerie Spencer [Brytni Sarpi]?

On the December 30 episode, we saw Lulu and Johnny just beginning to explore each other. They were locked in a passionate kiss when the cliffhanger episode ended. But new GH spoilers reveal that Lulu will back off of Johnny and tell him that she will NOT engage in a revenge sex shenanigan.

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What’s interesting is that Lulu’s excuse for not bedding Johnny in revenge is because he’s a fugitive. If Dante can’t know about the sex, what good is revenge sex? The point is to flaunt it in the other person’s face. If Dante did find out about them, that means he’d be locking Johnny up.

Lulu doesn’t want Johnny back in jail, so she can’t let Dante know she’s fooling around with him. And if she can’t let Dante know about the sex, what’s the point? That’s some sideways logic – Lulu has no moral imperative against sleeping with him – she just wants to get credit when she indulges in revenge nookie.

But Lulu’s initial refusal won’t cause Johnny to back down. Lulu doesn’t know it yet, but Johnny came to Port Charles with an agenda – it was not about being tired of running or being broke. GH spoilers hint that Johnny came back specifically because he heard Lulu was estranged from Dante.

Johnny has never gotten over Lulu – she’s the one who got away. He knows she was happy in her marriage to Dante so the fact that Dante screwed up and slept with Valerie Spencer [Brytni Sarpi] is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Johnny.

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So he wants to get Lulu into bed while she’s vulnerable – but it’s not just about the sex. For Johnny, he wants Lulu in his life for good. But since she’s still emotionally unavailable because her hurt and anger at Dante is still festering, Johnny will settle for the physical part right now.

But will Johnny be able to convince Lulu to climb into bed with him? This is a fine line to play. If Lulu thinks Johnny is in love with her, she may pull back so she doesn’t hurt him because she still deeply wants to reconcile with Dante.

But if Johnny plays it too shallow, Lulu may think he’s just trying to shag her for sport and won’t like that. Johnny has to tiptoe around this one carefully to get what he wants without alienating Lulu. What do you think, GH fans? Will Lulu give in and bed Johnny for old time’s sake?

GH spoilers also reveal that Dante wants to step up efforts to reconcile with Lulu. He just broke things off with Valerie and is taking his dad’s advice to work at restoring his marriage. Will Dante go to the Haunted Star and find Lulu in a state of undress coming out of a stateroom and assume the worst?

Even if Lulu and Johnny don’t go all the way, could their getting close cost Lulu a shot at fixing her marriage? Will Dante come close to discovering that Lulu is hiding Johnny on board her boat? Has Johnny wrecked Lulu’s one shot at rehabbing her relationship with Dante?

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