‘Days Of Our Lives’ News: Kate Mansi Reportedly Leaving ‘DOOL’ – Abigail Deveraux Exit, Or Recast?


'Days Of Our Lives' News: Kate Mansi Reportedly Leaving 'DOOL' - Abigail Deveraux Exit, Or Recast?‘Days Of Our Lives’ spoilers tease that Abigail Mansi has quit the NBC soap and left the role of Abigail Deveraux.  According to an all new ‘DOOL‘ spoiler report from Serial Scoop – the actress has quit the daytime drama and is no longer filming.  According to Serial Scoop, Mansi’s episodes as Abigail Deveraux will air up until May 2016.

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It really is ironic that Kate Mansi opted to leave ‘Days Of Our Lives’ now – seeing as how she is currently in the middle of the one of the soap opera’s biggest storyline.  It’s unclear why Kate Mansi opted to quit the NBC soap opera, but one thing is for sure – she can’t blame it on her lack of storylines or screen time. ‘Days Of Our Lives‘ was Kate’s first major acting gig, she might just be read to branch out and try new things.

Now, for the obvious question – will the soap opera recast the character of Abigail Deveraux and find a replacement for Kate Mansi, or will they just write Abigail out of the daytime drama all together.  There are a ton of old characters returning in 2016 (including Abigail’s father Jack), so the writers may be able to make Abigail’s absence a smooth transition.  But, considering Abigail now has a baby with another main character, her father Jack will be back, and she still has a ton of family in Salem – it would probably be more logical for the writers to just recast the role.

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What do you think SOS fans?  Why is Kate Mansi leaving ‘DOOL?’  Do you think the writers will recast the role or write out the character of Abigail Deveraux?  Will they kill her off, or have the character pack up her baby and leave town?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy for all of your ‘Days Of Our Lives‘ spoilers and news.

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  1. angela robert says

    i think they should recast Abby her and chad finally together and a baby together. jack coming back. we dont need to loose someone else. to many people have left or been killed off all ready. please replace her.

  2. Norma Payton says

    I do not want Abby to leave he is a great actress and good fortheshow

  3. karen says

    I think they should recast the role. Kate Mansi has done a very good job as Abby, but the character is too pivotal in a number of storylines to simply disappear. That wouldn’t be fair to the fans. I think the role could be successfully recast, perhaps with someone who looks more like Kate did when she took the role — blond and well-kept.

  4. Bonnie Canter says

    if she wont stay recast her please I have watch since 1967 and to many r getting kill or just leaving

  5. rose says

    Idont know why abby would won,t to leave in the midde of the story when it was going to get good,o all the other actor and actreese to leave is a big hurt i think i have been watching days for a long time and I love days only soap show I watch at all time ,keep it going.

  6. Blue says

    Never was a Kate fan, a strong actress next to Billy Flynn will make Chabby better and shine through crap writing.

  7. Sharon says

    Kate Mansi has done a tremendous job playing the character of Abigail! She is probably my favorite actress on Days and I’m really going to miss her! However, I’m hoping her character will be recast as she and Chad have a huge storyline right now and I’m a fan of them as a couple. And yes, too many people have left the show so please recast the part!

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