‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Baby Avery Custody Showdown – Carly vs Ava – Who Gets to Be Mom?

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Baby Avery Custody Showdown – Carly vs Ava – Who Gets to Be Mom?‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal that the battle for baby Avery is not done yet but the custody rivalry between Ava Jerome [Maura West] and Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] will come to a final conclusion soon – and it won’t go the way we expect.

Ava wants to take both Avery and Kiki Jerome [Hayley Erin] and leave town, but when Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] learns of the plan, she won’t stand for it. Even though Ava has custody of Avery according to the courts, Avery is in residence at Casa Corinthos.

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Because of the threats Ava was getting from the Jerome mob (or so she thought, since it was really Sonny) and Kiki’s recovery from being shot, she let Sonny play temporary custodian. But now that all the drama is behind her, Ava wants her daughter back.

However, Carly has decided that she’s the one who should be Avery’s everyday mom and wants Ava out of the picture. That’s not a nice way to treat the biological mom, but we know that Carly has no issues cutting bio-parents out of baby’s lives.

Carly took Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] away from bio-dad AJ and handed him to Sonny to stand in as his father. Now Carly and Sonny are trying to do the same thing with Avery and want to forget that Ava is the mom.
Carly tries to find a way to block Ava from coming to pick up Avery from Sonny’s house. It looks like in this round of the custody battle, Carly takes the lead and goes head to head with Ava and does Sonny’s dirty work for him.

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GH spoilers reveal a major confrontation between Ava and Carly at the Nurse’s Ball and it’s all over baby Avery. But is there any chance that all of the recent mob violence and tragedy surrounding these families can force a reality check?

Will Ava and Sonny realize that the animosity is too dangerous? Will they finally put the Jerome-Corinthos feud to bed and peacefully co-parent? Or will the outcome forever give Avery solely to one parent and permanently block the other?

GH writers promise the outcome will be “surprising” and we have to agree it will be nice to put this ongoing storyline to bed and move on. There are still some lingering GH spoilers that Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig] may yet turn out to be the baby daddy – that would certainly be surprising…

What do you think GH fans? Do you want to see Avery with Carly and Sonny? With Ava? Or do you think Ava and Sonny need to bury the hatchet once and for all and parent together? Share your comments below and come back to Soap Opera Spy every day for more ‘General Hospital’ spoilers and news.

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  1. Cathie Maisonet says

    I hope baby Avery stays with CarSon.

  2. Dawnie Hodges says

    I for one want Avery to stay with Sonny and Carly. At least she is not used as a “poker chip” to get what Sonny wants. He does not bargain with her when his life is in trouble. Ava uses Avery as a “door prize” to get what she wants. That is not what a mom does. JMO

  3. Ann Marie Blon says

    Ava needs her daughter Avery. Sonny and Ava need to share Avery.

  4. Tia says

    Ava is the worst mother! She and Heather would tie for the worst mother of the century award. Avery needs to stay with Sonny and Carly. I hope they don’t make Morgan the father! Kiki needs to find out what her mother said to Morgan and slam the door on Ava. Remarry Morgan and kick Dillon to the curb. Find some newbe for Dillon or Rosealie. Rosalie could shake up the household sparring with Tracy, now that would be fun. True soap fashion since she slept with Michael already. Juicy

    1. Nick K says

      We’re forgetting Liz in that first statement! Morgan and Kiki’s relationship is screwed up. They are so co-dependent and unhealthy. Avery does need to stay with Sonny and Carly though.

  5. Sarah Fitzgerald says

    Avery needs to stay with Sonny and Carly because they truly love her and don’t use her to get what they want. Ava has been using Avery for one thing or another since conception. I don’t know how a judge could ignore the fact that Ava willingly handed Avery to Sonny when Kiki was in the hospital and did not return for her the minute Kiki got out of the hospital. It kind of destroys her assertion that Sonny wasn’t a fit parent when she did that. She had other options so, if she thought he was an unfit parent, she would have made alternative arrangements — like asking Julian and Alexis to take her. It should also say something to a judge that Kiki did not go to live with Ava when she got out of the hospital! Kiki has been out of the hospital for quite awhile now and she is just now getting around to trying to get Avery back.
    The idea that Morgan is the father is still floating around — I hope not. He is not in a good place for raising a child right now and I doubt he will be any time soon. If that comes up, I see Ava getting the kid and Sonny & Carly not seeing her much at all. (Grandparents rights are very sparse.)

    I hope the writers get it right but I have a hard time putting any faith in that!

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