‘General Hospital’ POLL: Who Is the Better Parent for GH Avery? Sonny or Ava? VOTE!

'General Hospital' POLL: Who Is the Better Parent for GH Avery? Sonny or Ava? VOTE! ‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers for May Sweeps reveal we’ll finally see an end to the bitter, long-running custody battle between Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] and Ava Jerome [Maura West] and the outcome is surprising. What do you think? Who is the better parent?

Read the Ava vs. Sonny evidence and then vote in the POLL!

Both are stone cold killers

Many GH fans come down hard on Ava for being a killer but let’s not forget that Sonny is too. Ava killed Connie Falconeri in cold blood, but that was to protect her brother Julian Jerome [William deVry]. Sonny shot his adoptive son’s dad AJ in a fit of rage and has an overall kill count higher than Ava. On this point, one is no better than the other…

Both have been estranged from their older children

Both Ava and Sonny have had estranged relations with their other children at one time. Sonny was on the outs with Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] over the AJ incident and Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig] rejected his dad many times. Similarly, Ava saw Kiki Jerome [Hayley Erin] cut her loose in anger. But now both are on good terms with their kids.

Both have been mob bosses

Sonny likes to express outrage at Ava’s lifestyle putting Ava in danger, but Ava is retired. She didn’t want to be part of the gun-running while Sonny insists on staying in the cartel and told Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] that he would not retire. Doesn’t seem like either Sonny or Ava can talk about mob lifestyles as a factor because they are both guilty.

Both are liars when they need to be

Ava lies at the drop of a hat when it serves her purposes – so does Sonny. He tells Carly to stay out of his business and lied to his family about the wheelchair. Consider that Ava lied to Kiki most of her life about her father. Both have lied to countless others in and outside of their family when it served their purposes. Neither can throw stones on this.

Both will do anything to protect their family – but have also hurt them badly

Ultimately, both Ava and Sonny want to protect the ones they love – but both have done terrible damage. Ava and Sonny cheating on Morgan was bad – and Ava cheating with Morgan on Kiki was awful as was Sonny lying to Michael about AJ. Both will go to any length to protect the ones they love but are also often responsible for hurting them.

Other factors are that both have been to prison for heinous crimes, both have escaped true justice for these crimes and both have had sketchy personal relationships. The one place Ava has Sonny beat is that she hasn’t been married a gazillion times and didn’t shoot a spouse in the head like Sonny did with Carly. But clearly she’s no peach either.

Interestingly, despite the evidence that Sonny and Ava are pretty much equal opportunity offenders, GH fans seem to come down mostly on the side of Sonny as the better parent. Is Ava being judged more harshly because she’s a woman and we expect her to be gentler? Is that fair? It seems like Sonny and Ava are different sides of the same troubled and violent coin.

So who should get baby Avery in the custody battle? Is Ava or Sonny the better parent? Vote in the POLL!

  • Ava should win custody
  • Sonny should win custody
  • Both are equally awful and should share custody

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  1. Jeanie Cruttenden says

    This poll is a tough one. There isn’t 1 stable cpl on this show right now…think about it…..sad…..

  2. Sarah Fitzgerald says

    You forget that the only reason Ava stayed pregnant was to keep HERSELF alive. During her pregnancy, she drank and had no regard for the baby she carried. Sonny stopped her from drinking (which ticked her off royally!) when he moved her into his house. She didn’t care about the baby until she almost lost her — and I’m not sure that wasn’t because she was hiding behind the pregnancy and didn’t want it to end. Ava shares responsibility for AJ’s murder — she knew just what buttons to push and goaded Sonny into pulling the trigger. (Didn’t she call him to come over to Julian’s penthouse in the first place?) That skill served her well when she got him to have the outburst that cause him to lose custody. Also, Paul pushed Ava into taking on mob boss and wouldn’t let her out of it, but, make no mistake, she wanted it . . . until she got it. Up until Kiki got shot, she was using Avery as a tool to stick it to Sonny and Carly. And Julian is still alive because Sonny had regard for the fact that he might be needed to give Danny more bone marrow some day. Neither Jerome strikes me as being willing to do that. I believe these reasons — and possibly others — are why people think Sonny is the better parent.

  3. niagirl says

    Give her to her brother Dante and Lulu they want another kid. Rocco would have a little sister/aunt who’s close in age. She’d be protected somewhat from the mob.

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