‘General Hospital’ POLL: Who Is Nikolas Cassadine’s Best Leading Lady – Team Britt, Team Liz or Team Hayden? VOTE!

'General Hospital' POLL: Who Is Nikolas Cassadine’s Best Leading Lady - Team Britt, Team Liz or Team Hayden? VOTE!“General Hospital” fans – who would you prefer Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] choose as his leading lady for life?  No woman in Port Charles seems to have come close to the chemistry and love that Nik and Emily shared – sadly it doesn’t look like she will be returning from the dead anytime soon.  So, are you Team Britt, Team Liz or Team Hayden?

Team Britt

Okay so Dr. Britt Westbourne [Kelly Thiebaud] lied to Nik – a lot! Okay, most of the time. But Nik’s son Spencer Cassadine loved Britt and really wanted the good doctor to be his mom. Heck, Spencer [Nicolas Bechtal] even proposed to Britt – sort of – on behalf of Nikolas. If Prince Cassadine can overlook the lies and deceit, there’s still Britt’s mother – Dr. Liesl Obrecht [Kathleen Gati] – with whom to deal. Is Britt worth having Dr. O as your mother-in-law? Is it time for Britt to roar back into Port Charles? Are you Team Britt?

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Team Liz

Elizabeth Webber [Rebecca Herbst], yet another liar Nikolas has encountered along the way. But these two are usually in on the lie together – which makes them perfect for each other, right? Nikolas knows Liz’s heart, for now, belongs to Jake [Billy Miller]. Is it best if Liz and Nik remain friends and leave the lover stuff to someone else? And “GH” fans know how much Spencer hates Cameron [Michael Leone] and we’re guessing he’s not going to be fond of Jake [James Nigbor] either. Are you Team Liz?

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Team Hayden

Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig] – true identity yet unknown. Nik and Hayden have been keeping secrets from each other for months. Hayden/Rachel could be the reason Nikolas loses control of ELQ – or she might be the reason he keeps it. Face it, Hayden and Nik have mega chemistry whether it’s business or pleasure. Can this brunette come clean with the handsome Cassadine heir? Can Hayden and Nik be the next Port Charles super couple? And it doesn’t hurt that Spencer does like Hayden. Not as much as Britt, but Hayden will do. Are you Team Hayden?

Or is it None of the Above for Nikolas Cassadine “General Hospital” fans? Should TPTB find another leading lady for the brooding prince? Team Britt? Team Liz? Team Hayden? Or – find someone else! VOTE below!

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