‘General Hospital’ News: Don’t Miss Marc Anthony Samuel in ‘Imperfect Sky’ February 18 – Details Here!

'General Hospital' News: Don't Miss Marc Anthony Samuel in 'Imperfect Sky' February 18 - Details Here!In the latter part of 2014 Marc Anthony Samuel who portrays Felix DuBois on ‘General Hospital’ was dropped to a recurring status. Samuel joined the cast of “GH” back in December of 2012 on a contract status as nurse at the hospital and later a cosmetic consultant but was bumped to recurring in 2014. We hardly get to see our ‘Felix’ these days, when we do he is appearing as a friend and adviser to Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo). Ever since the news of his current status with the show Samuel has been very busy outside of the GH set.

Come check out our film if you can. We'd love to see you! #imperfectsky #independentfilm

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Samuel filmed “Imperfect Sky” which was released in late 2015. The show is written and directed by Graham Streeter and has a great cast. The film is about estranged brothers reuniting after being torn apart during their adolescence. The younger brother which is just 16 years old is on the go to college with his entire life ahead of him and the other brother which is 21 years old is a heroin, addict and street hustler who’s settled for rock bottom. In this movie Samuel plays the role of Oreo.

'General Hospital' News: Check Out Marc Anthony Samuel in 'Imperfect Sky' February 18 - Details Here!

Marc and I were communicating via Twitter when he told me that this film in which he is acting is going to be showing on February 18 at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in Downtown Los Angeles. From the reviews, ‘Imperfect Sky’ is a film that should be watched because there is a great story in it. The lead actor in the film is Blake Scott Lewis who plays the role of Skyler. Look forward to seeing Marc acting alongside him.

Be sure to catch this film come February 18th at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival!

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