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GH-Spoilers-Joe-RiveraJust when you think he’s gone for good, he’s baaack! “General Hospital” fans were in for quite the shock and surprise when Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) answered the door at the Quartermaine mansion, and a well-scrubbed, nattily dressed version of Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) greeted her. Let’s back up a minute and say that it’s fair to observe that, even in death, Carlos possesses the proverbial nine lives.

First, he haunted Anna (Finola Hughes) after she supposedly shot and killed him. Now, even after Julian (William DeVry) stabbed him to death Carlos has been popping up as a ghost at the most inopportune times; first, after Julian killed him and now, even in Julian’s hospital room as he awaits arraignment on charges he tried to kill wife Alexis (Nancy Grahn) and for Carlos’s murder. Now that Sabrina and Michael (Chad Duell) are on a good track relationship-wise, a Carlos lookalike just happens to show up. Great timing – not!

Well, “General Hospital” fans, Carlos is back, but in a carbon copy form, Joe Rivera. It seems logical that, given Sabrina and Carlos’s long history together she would have known about this newest family member to make an appearance in Port Charles. Will his sudden arrival be an obstacle to the couple?

Unfortunately, it looks as if that will be so, especially given that Sabrina still has ties to the Rivera name as Carlos was her baby Teddy’s father. Also, let’s just say that the mobster wasn’t Michael’s favorite person, given that he shot his father Sonny (Maurice Benard) as well as Sonny’s right hand Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan).

The question is, why is he in Port Charles? Is it to stir up trouble for Sabrina and Michael, perhaps to claim Sabrina for himself to keep her and baby Teddy in the Rivera clan? To seek vengeance for Carlos’s death? One thing’s for sure, and that is when Carlos’s nemesis Sonny gets wind of Joe’s arrival, it’s safe to say that he will have a load of questions, and then some, for this stranger.

Whatever the reason for Joe’s arrival, General Hospital fans should brace themselves, as his appearance could upend many lives in Port Charles, most notably Sabrina’s just as she’s getting her life back to normal.

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