‘General Hospital’ POLL: Can Julian Jerome Be Redeemed? VOTE!

'General Hospital' POLL: Can Julian Jerome Be Redeemed? VOTE!On Monday’s episode of ‘General Hospital,’ (GH) during the final moments of his son’s funeral, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) stood and confessed to being the only one responsible for the death of his son Morgan (Bryan Craig); due to a hit, he put out on Julian Jerome (William DeVry) that went terribly wrong.  On the other hand, Julian killed Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) and his lieutenant Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise). He even tried to slit his wife Alexis’ (Nancy Grahn) throat for wearing a wire to trap him into confessing his role in the murders. Julian was even willing to let his wife stand trial for a crime he committed. There doesn’t seem to be any

Julian was even willing to let his wife stand trial for a crime he committed. There doesn’t seem to be any heartfelt confessions from this mobster. Some fans are very unhappy at the way things have gone for Julian and Alexis.  Some even believe there is room for redemption.  Others have called him a coward who would hide behind his wife to protect himself and prevent prison time. They believe redemption is not conceivable.  Let’s explore the possibilities. ABC spoilers reveal there might be new hope for Julexis during the month of November.

In 2013 Julian Jerome came to Port Charles under the Alias of Derek Wells owner of Crimson magazine and a local newspaper.   Years ago, he was presumed dead after testifying against the mob for the WSB and was put into the witness protection program.   Julian is the surviving son of Victor Jerome, the former local crime lord who controlled Port Charles for many years.

Julian’s real reason for returning to Port Charles was to regain control of the territory his father once dominated; This meant he had to bring down the Corinthos organization. It was also revealed that while Alexis was a teenager, the two had a one-night stand; producing their daughter Sam (Kelly Monaco).

Julian and Alexis fell in love and married earlier this year under the promise that Julian had quit the mob and had gone legit as a magazine publisher.  Unfortunately, this was not the case and Alexis was faced with the hard choice of looking the other way to stay with the man she loved.

Can Julian Jerome be redeemed?  It can be said that he loves his children and still cares deeply for Alexis.  Since the rule of double jeopardy applies, he cannot be retried for the murder of Carlos Rivera, he is considered an innocent man. He could try to convince Alexis and his children that he is a changed man and has learned his lesson.   ‘GH’ spoilers reveal Alexis is headed down a dangerous path with her constant drinking; perhaps Julian could be the one to rescue her from the bottle?

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Could Julian somehow convince Sam that he is a changed man?  After all, she did go to him and ask him to leave town before an all-out war broke out over his acquittal. Perhaps Julian will in some way save the life of Sam and Jasons’ child, as spoilers suggest, Sams’ pregnancy will hit a few bumps in the road during the coming months.  Remember Julian was the only person who could donate bone marrow for Danny (Jaxon and Jakob Kring) when he was ill. Maybe this new child will need Julian also.  He could use this situation to redeem himself.

Or perhaps the old brain tumor excuse or an altered personality will be used to redeem him.  It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds and if Alexis will decide to forgive and forget.  What do you think? Can or should Julian be redeemed? Should his redemption be based on Alexis forgiveness only? Let us know what you think and please be sure to vote in our SOS poll.

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  1. Rosalind Stanley says

    Don’t get why people are saying no way. If Sonny and Franco can be redeemed, Julian surely can. And there were some untruths told in the story. Julian did quit the mob for his family. He changed. I think he was always good at heart. Remember he was giving his bone marrow to a child who was basically a stranger to him. He grew up in a mob family. Duke was the head of the Corinthos gang when Julian ordered the hit. He called off the hit.( Like Sonny did with him) He killed Carlos because that’s what gangsters do to disloyal members. He has been written very OOC for the past several months. IDK why the writers chose to blown up one, if not the, most popular couples on the show, but hopefully they will put Julexis back together. It would be a huge mistake if they didn’t.

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