‘General Hospital’ Outstanding Performances Kimberly McCullough & Maurice Benard Make Magic Happen

'General Hospital' Outstanding Performances Kimberly McCullough & Maurice Benard Make Magic HappenDr. Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly McCullough) saves lives on a daily basis, but who knew she would be the guardian angel to rescue a suicidal Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) from himself?

Sonny has been inconsolable since the death of his son Morgan (Bryan Craig). Normally his tight-knit family would band together to support each other in the face of tragedy, but not this time.

Mobster Sonny Corinthos has become Monster Sonny Corinthos in the eyes of his once adoring family. It seems that Sonny unwittingly planted the car bomb that took Morgan’s life. The hit was intended to take out his enemy Julian Jerome (William DeVry) but Morgan perished instead.

In mental agony, Sonny goes to the historic Port Charles Bridge to contemplate his deed. Alone and in the dark, he takes out his gun.

But before he has a chance to take action, a familiar face appears and calls his name. Robin and Sonny talk, and reminisce about the past. Several people have tried to talk Sonny out of his despair, but Robin was the only person who nailed it!

Robin was spot on when she reminded Sonny that their mutual friend Stone (Michael Sutton) would not have wanted him to punish himself and thereby further hurt his family.

Longtime GH viewers know that Stone was a special and significant presence in both of their lives. They took his untimely death from AIDS hard, and they remained connected through their memories of him.

No one had broken through Sonny’s grief until Robin urged him to live for Stone, the man that Morgan Stone Corinthos was named for. She told him that ending his own pain was a weak and cowardly way to solve his problem.

In the end Sonny could not deny that ending his life would be a betrayal to Stone, who had wanted to live more than anything else.

Using relevant GH history to touch Sonny’s soul was a powerful way to end his trauma. Kudos to TPTB for writing the story, and to McCullough and Benard for making the magic happen!

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