‘General Hospital’ News: Vinessa Antoine Hints Dr. Obrecht May Be ‘GH’ Serial Killer – Discusses Andre Romance, And TJ DNA Secret

'General Hospital' News: Vinessa Antoine Hints Dr. Obrecht May Be 'GH' Serial Killer - Discusses Andre Romance, And TJ DNA Secret‘General Hospital’ actress Vinessa Antoine [Jordan Ashford] took the time out for a question and answer session. In this session Antoine let a few secrets out the bag including her trying out for a ‘One Life to Live’ role, her duties as the commissioner of Port Charles, her thoughts on the future of Shawn [Sean Blakemore] and her character Jordan, who she believes is the hospital killer and much more.

Will Paul Hornsby [Richard Burgi] ever pay for his crimes? Antoine certainly seems to think so or at least believe her character will somehow bring him down. “Oh please believe that Paul will go down for something! I will try to, at least!” she replied when asked the question. Well, isn’t it time that everyone in Port Charles learn that Paul was the one who shot Sonny [Maurice Benard], what do you think fans?

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Antoine is quite elated with the pairing of Andre [Anthony Montgomery] and Jordan, when she was asked what was her favorite scene between the two she replied by highlighting it is their first kiss. But she didn’t speak any further on what will happen between the couple next since he has feelings for Anna [Finola Hughes].

On the topic of T.J’s real father being Shawn, Antoine shared that she doesn’t believe Shawn will forgive her at least not so easily. When the question was posed if she thinks Shawn will forgive her for T.J’s real paternity she replied “probably not. That was a pretty big lie. It’ll take a lot of therapy…” And we can definitely agree given everything that took place before he was shipped off to prison. But what will Sonny have to say about his former right hand man being T.J’s biological father? Antoine is not quite sure but believes it will change things up between the two characters; Sonny and Jordan.

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Antoine went further to disclose her trying out for a role on ‘One Life to Live’ which proved unsuccessful for her. On the subject of ‘General Hospital’ being her first soap opera she noted ‘Yes, it is. I tested for ONE LIFE TO LIVE years ago, but didn’t get the job. Glad I got GH, though.” And aside from acting, Antoine highlighted that she would be directing and writing if she wasn’t an actress.

About other storylines for instance Jordan’s friendship with Anna, Antoine stated that she wants the two to be friends again amidst the struggle with Andre having feelings for Anna. And next she spoke of who could possibly be the hospital killer. She noted that she thinks its Dr. Obrecht [Kathleen Gati] by saying “My thoughts? I think its Dr. Obrecht! Yep!”

So do you agree? Do you think Dr. O could be the killer? Do you want back the friendship between Anna and Jordan? Do you think Shawn should forgive her?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy for all of your ‘General Hospital’ spoilers and news.

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