‘General Hospital’ News: Head Writer Shelly Altman Reveals Reason Behind Jeffrey Vincent Parise’s Return To ‘GH’ As Joe

'General Hospital' News: Head Writer Shelly Altman Reveals Reason Behind Jeffrey Vincent Parise's Return To 'GH' As JoeWhat could possibly be the reason a show would choose to rehire an actor about three times – must be because he’s extremely talented. Jeffrey Vincent Parise made his third return to ‘General Hospital’ this week but this time as a new character named Joe. GH Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman shared the reason behind his rehire in a recent edition of Soap Opera Digest,obviously, we are fond of the actor,” she disclosed.

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Joe is apparently Carlos’ twin – the character Parise played from 2013 but was unfortunately killed off twice. Once at the hands of Anna DeVane [Finola Hughes] and the second time at the hands of his own mobster boss Julian [William DeVry]. The latest return of JVP as Joe, Carlos’ twin has left viewers pondering the authenticity of his story. Is he really his twin or an imposter? Sabrina [Teresa Castillo] obviously knows him but is that enough to believe his story is true?

What reason do the ‘General Hospital’ show runners have for bringing back Parise as a new character and what are their plans for him? “But it seemed that with Sabrina’s return, it would be interesting to add another wrinkle in the relationship between Michael and Sabrina, and her having a child who is not Michael’s, we just kind of looked into her past and it made sense. But Joe is not Carlos. He is a very different man from Carlos. He actually even looks different from Carlos” Altman shared.

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Altman later added that viewers get the opportunity to see a different side of the actor. Which is indeed true, Carlos was known for his Puerto Rican accent but his twin brother however doesn’t have that accent. “It’s fun to see a different side of this actor and to give the audience a chance to see him do something completely different” Altman shared about the rehire.

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