‘General Hospital’ POLL: Do You Love Nick Stabile, Should Former Nik Get a New GH Role? VOTE!

'General Hospital' POLL: Do You Love Nick Stabile, Should Former Nik Get a New GH Role? VOTE!“When you’ve got something good, hold on to it” – a regular quote that is used to describe something we should do everything in our power to keep. ‘General Hospital’ has found something good, in actor Nick Stabile who temporarily replaced Tyler Christopher as Nikolas Cassadine.

No doubt fans were disappointed when it was announced that Christopher was taking a temporary break but who could’ve predicted that Stabile would come and leave such an impact. Undoubtedly, Stabile did an excellent job replacing Christopher but his time came to an end with his last episode airing on July 19th.

It is currently known that Christopher and “GH” show runners have been having difficulties coming to an agreement where his contract is concerned. Should Christopher decide not to return, Stabile has proven that he’s a good permanent replacement for the role. And, even if Christopher does return Stabile has also proven that he deserves a contract role on ‘General Hospital’.

Here are the reasons! For one, Stabile had smoking hot chemistry with Maura West’s Ava Jerome.   They shared one kiss that left viewers in a frenzy – talking about the new pairing they would ship and how much they matched. Ava and Nikolas could be the next popular super couple of their time but does Tyler Christopher’s Nikolas posses that kind of chemistry with Ava?

With the possibility of Christopher’s return, ‘General Hospital’ could look into hiring Stabile for a new role, one that could be paired with Ava Jerome. This we are sure is something the viewers would love, we’ve already seen how crazy they went with that one kiss and the little ‘alone’ moments the two characters shared.

This is not Stabile’s first temporary replacement; regular daytime viewers would remember he temporarily replaced Justin Hartley in the role of Fox Crane on ‘Passions’.  Like his time on ‘Passions’ he did an excellent job on GH that has left several viewers talking.

His GH time might have been short-lived as planned but we here at SOS think TPTB should look into giving Stabile a contract role. What do you think fans? Do you agree with us? Should GH rehire Stabile in a new role? Do you think he could work as a permanent replacement if things don’t work out with Tyler Christopher? Did you like the chemistry between Nikolas and Ava?

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  1. Diana Kalanz says

    So sick of these prima donna actors who “take a break” because contract negotiations aren’t going the way THEY want. Don’t come back, Tyler. Stabile has earned the role!

  2. Brian says

    Bring back Dr Stephen Webber with Nick Stabile and hook him back up with Olivia. That would be hot! I just never cared for Scott Reeves in the role.

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