‘General Hospital’ News: Performer Of The Week – Brandon Barash

'General Hospital' News: Performer Of The Week - Brandon BarashI am really thinking of Brandon Barash as more of a “prop of the week”, because we all know that he was brought back to ‘General Hospital’ only to further the Lulu/Dante story, but the scenes between Johnny and Lulu this week have earned him a spotlight nod.

In the ‘General Hospital’ scenes leading up to him being chained to a table yet again at the PCPD, Barash was typically brilliant playing Johnny Zacchara as one moment thoughtful and charming, and the next moment all “shut the hell up!”. He’s never been a one-dimensional character and that’s the reason why we love him like we do! We listened to Lulu spell out for us all the things that make Johnny, Johnny, but we knew that already.

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Johnny Zacchara is a complex character, full of love and hate, joy and anger, and cockiness and self-loathing, who continually gets in his own way. When things are good he finds a way to blow them up. We want him to do better, to be better, and to feel worthy of good things. We want to see that redemption storyline, but deep down we know that “imperfect Johnny” is the Johnny we really want and need.

Chained to the table, emotional, vulnerable, and still hopeful that there can be a future for him and Lulu, we feel sad for him because we know that, like Dillon, he doesn’t stand a chance against Dante. He went to war for Lulu and now he’s off to Pentonville again because he chose to throw himself on that grenade to save her. That’s more love and loyalty than Lulu has seen from Dante in a very long time!

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Whether we’re watching Barash play the dangerous gangster, the charming, helpful stranger, the “in over his head” kidnapper, or the desperate, hopeful “friend” of Lulu, it’s always a treat!

As an aside here, any scene he appears in with real-life love, Kirsten Storms, gives me the warm fuzzies. Have you noticed the way he always looks at her?

General Hospital powers-that-be would do well to kick some of the dead-weight off the canvas to make room for a full-time Johnny return.

Who’s with me on that?

Until next week!

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  1. wendy says

    They need to bring him back to GH Brandon back love him as Johnny

  2. Terri says

    Yes, to those who write for GH, please bring
    Johnny back.

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