‘General Hospital’ News: Michelle Stafford Sets The Record Straight On Her Real Life Kids, And Nina Clay’s Quest For A Baby

'General Hospital' News: Michelle Stafford Sets The Record Straight On Her Real Life Kids, And Nina Clay's Quest For A BabyMichelle Stafford may be known for playing the role of Phyllis Newman on CBS’ ‘The Young and The Restless’, but she currently plays the role of Nina Reeves on ABC’s ‘General Hospital’. In current storyline Nina operates Crimson for her boss Julian Jerome (William DeVry) and is in a relationship with Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth).

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In the episodes aired throughout last week Nina told Franco that she wants to have a baby of her own. Franco was not in total agreement as he believes they will not be able to. Nina suggested they adopt a child, to which Franco objects, then Nina goes on to tell Franco if he doesn’t want to do the adoption with her she will go ahead with it on her own. Nina is obviously obsessed with having a child of her own, via whatever means.

Through these episodes fans took to social media to voice their opinions directly to her that the current storyline is an actual depiction of the actresses’ real life situations. She then took to Facebook with a response just to clear things up. In her Facebook response, Stafford stated that there were a lot of comments to her about how Nina’s life plays into hers, how the character wants to adopt a baby and that’s exactly what she did.

She clearly stated that she believes adoption is amazing and magical, but she however did not adopt her children. Both of her children are biological hers, she had them through the surrogacy method. In closing Stafford mentioned she would not usually address this issue but there were a lot of comments and she felt the need to, she was just clearing things up.

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So ‘GH’ fans – did you know that Michelle’s two children were born via surrogates?  Do you think that the ‘General Hospital’ writers are channeling her real-life experiences in to her soap opera character Nina?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. ceecee says

    I don’t think she ever hid that they were born through surrogate…i read it for both children. From what I have read in Michelle’s interviews it does sound like the desire for a child is somewhat similar in Nina and since Nina is rich I can see surrogacy becoming an option when she realizes she won’t qualify for adoption

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