‘General Hospital’ News: Michael Easton’s Film ‘First Strike Butcher Knife’ Trailer Released

'General Hospital' News: Michael Easton's Film 'First Strike Butcher Knife' Trailer ReleasedAs General Hospital’s Michael Easton (Dr. Hamilton Finn) is finally getting a lot of material to work with alongside core character Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) and Rebecca Budig’s Hayden Barnes. GH fans may be surprised to know that he has been busy working on another project as well.

Michael Easton has written and directed a movie called First Strike Butcher Knife. An interesting fact, that will intrigue a lot of One Life to Live fans, is that the actors he chose are a few of his former co-stars, including Kamar Del Los Reyes (Antonio Vega), Sherri Saum (Keri Reynolds) and Trevor St. John (Victor Lord Jr./Todd Manning).

Sources have announced that the first trailer has been released. In the trailer, you can see Trevor St. John’s character, dressed in a Naval uniform, talking to someone about being drugged, even though he had told them not to do it. He goes on to tell them that the last thing anyone wanted was for this to be easy, and that it was supposed to hurt like hell.

The trailer continues with Trevor’s character being followed as he observes strangers blindfolded, hands tided and in blue jumpsuits; there is a countdown beginning at 10, you see Sherri Saum’s character very groggy and attempting to wake up, then you see hands open a briefcase. The next second you see Kamar Del Los Reyes’ character lifting a gun towards someone, as the title of the film flashes on screen. You don’t hear a shot, but the end of the trailer focuses on Sherri’s face as she wakes up and gasps.

You can view the WORLD PREMIERE for Michael Easton’s film First Strike Butcher Knife below!

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