‘General Hospital’ News: Kirsten Storms Back On ‘GH’ Set, Hanging With “Best Buddy” Robert Palmer Watkins

'General Hospital' News: Kirsten Storms Back On 'GH' Set, Hanging With "Best Buddy" Robert Palmer Watkins“General Hospital’s” Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) looks refreshed and happy goofing it up with Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon Quartermaine) in a recent Instagram pic. No doubt she’s excited to be back among her GH friends and co-stars after a recent health break!

Storms tells fans, “No idea when I met him that this cutie would become one of my best buddies. I feel lucky to be surrounded by such good peeps, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy … #ILoveMyTribe….”

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August 3 is Storms’ first airdate since ending a brief leave of absence. Molly Burnett (ex Melanie Jonas, Days of our Lives) stepped up and filled in admirably as the feisty fashionista.

But for fierce Maxi fans, Storms is the one and only Maximista! One GH fan wrote, “I will be so happy when you come back. You have been missed.” Another wrote, “I hope you are feeling better … no one can replace you!”

It’s awesome to be this valued, and no doubt her fans’ love and goodwill helped Storms make a speedy recovery.

But what lies in Maxie’s future may not be so bright! GH fans recognize that the Maxie/Claudette (Bree Williams)/Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) triangle is about to detonate.

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Nathan and his, “I only married him for a green card,” ex-wife Claudette are currently stranded on an isolated, lonely cliff, listening to “their” song.

Sharing the cramped front seat with his ex, how long can Nathan resist Claudette’s charms? Maxie realized long ago that Claudette has real feelings for Nathan. And it doesn’t take a detective to realize that Nathan may have some unresolved feelings of his own!

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