‘General Hospital’ News: Finola Hughes Discusses ‘Dancing With The Stars’ – Will She Be Dancing Next Season?

'General Hospital' News: Finola Hughes Discusses 'Dancing With The Stars' - Will She Be Dancing Next Season?‘General Hospital’ star Finola Hughes is a very talented lady.  What some ‘GH‘ fans don’t realize about Finola, is that playing Anna Devane on the ABC soap opera is just one of her many talents.  She actually took dance classes for many years – and is quite skilled in that department as well.  We have even got to see Finola show off some of her Tango skills on ‘General Hospital.’

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‘General Hospital’ fans have been clamoring for Finola to star on the ABC dance competition ‘Dancing With The Stars,‘ and it turns out that they are not the only ones.  Apparently, Finola herself would love to compete on ‘DWTS,’ and her fellow ‘General Hospital’ cast members think that she would be the perfect contender!

Finola appeared at the ‘General Hospital‘ Fantasy Event last week in New Jersey, and during a Q&A session one of the ‘GH’ fans asked Hughes if she would ever dance on ‘Dancing With The Stars.‘  The actress’ face lit up and she responded, “I would love to do that show, i love that show, it’s great!”  Her co-star Brandon Barash chimed in and said that the fans should start a campaign on Twitter to help Finola get nominated for the next season of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’  Ryan Paevey agreed and said that the ‘GH‘ cast would help with the campaigning.

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It’s not unusual for ABC daytime stars to join the cast of ‘DWTS.‘  Kelly Monaco was actually the very first Mirror Ball Trophy Award winner, when the dance competition first began.  Personally, we think Finola Hughes could take home the championship for sure!  Would you like to see Finola on ‘Dancing With The Stars?‘  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Sarah Fitzgerald says

    I would love to see her on the show but the stars are not supposed to have ballroom dance training. Apparently they will turn a blind eye to them have dance training but it isn’t fair if they had ballroom training. Who knows if they will change that? Any dance training can be a huge advantage to the stars as they will have already learned where their “center” is and how to control their bodies. (Athletes have a similar advantage.) That is why some people can advance so quickly over the others.

    1. shariten says

      Jennifer Grey had ballroom dancing training for Dirty Dancing and she was on the show.

  2. Amy Wallace says

    She was in the 1983 movie Staying Alive with John Travolta as a ballerina. So yes, she could compete as long as she is healthy.

  3. shariten says

    I loved her in Staying Alive! She was a famtastic dancer and I would watch the show just for her!!

  4. Tom Beavin says

    It would make a perfect homage to Anna Devane and Duke Lavery if she were to dance the Tango with “Por Una Cabeza” by Carlos Gardel playing; that’s the same song used in Al Pacino’s tango scene in “Scent of a Woman”, and we all know how big a hit that was. Not only would I be proud to vote for her as a soap actress (of course), but I’d be just as happy to cheer for her and her partner for knocking out the competition. I am a soap fan and my loyalty is with Anna Devane.

  5. Barb Dittmar Ward says

    I would love to see her compete on DWTS. When’s the campaign begin? I want to help.

  6. Dawnie Hodges says

    I would love to see Anna on DWTS. Would love to see her get Val or Tony or Mark as the pro to dance with. She would be great.

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