‘General Hospital’ News: Anthony Montgomery Dishes About Andre and Jordan, His Music and More!

'General Hospital' News: Anthony Montgomery Dishes About Andre and Jordan, His Music and More!‘General Hospital’ (GH) star Anthony Montgomery [Andre Maddox] held a Question and Answer session on Twitter in which he spoke about getting a role on GH, working with his co-stars and much more. After playing the role of Aaron for one episode, Montgomery joined the cast officially as Dr. Andre Maddox in November 2015 as a series regular.

When he was asked about how he got started on GH, he reflected and mentioned his first appearance which was a small recurring part back in 2011. Since joining the cast as Andre, Montgomery has become a fan favorite; he has also had a limited amount of screen partners. While viewers have seen him interact on screen with Vinessa Antoine [Jordan], Bryan Craig [Morgan], Laura Wright [Carly], Maurice Benard [Sonny] and Finola Hughes [Anna], they are anxiously awaiting to see him get acquainted with the rest of characters and so is he.

While he lists Anna, Jordan and Morgan as his favorite set of characters, he looks forward to working with more people. “I’ve only worked with a handful of people. I’m looking forward to working with everyone else,” he shares when asked about who he would love to have a scene with that he hasn’t already.

Andre and Jordan are getting closer and closer every day but Montgomery thinks Andre will remain secretive for a while. “They’re still discovering each other. Andre can’t reveal much too soon or Jordan would get bored,” he noted as he spoke of the couple’s development. On the topic of the Hospital killer, Montgomery is still in the dark on the killer’s identity, he exclaims he knows nothing when asked about the possibility of him being the killer.

Besides his acting on GH, Montgomery shares that he has plans to release new music – “I may release two or three new singles a year for a few years,” shared Montgomery. He, however, is still in the recovery process after hurting his knee earlier this year, he shares that while it’s taking time, he is confident he will eventually get there.

So ‘General Hospital’ fans do you think Jordan and Andre will eventually trust each other completely? Who else would you like to see him have screen time with?

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  1. Sheila Lewis-Fitzhugh says

    That is one fine man. Um, umm, ummm!!! I sure hope he’s not the killer. I really hope its that heavy set, nosey ass nurse who’s always in everybody’s business. She needs to be gone.

    1. Kevin Pham says

      i really hate that they have to set up ANDRE to be the bad guy.. when in all and all how often do we get diversity as sophiscated characters in GH… i mean valarie should hav been a Physican assitant or nurse.. RN at the very least but no they make her a COP.. and ANDRE a SOCIAL psycho therapy WORKER why can’t we have a a BLACK DOCTOR… that isn’t in league of serving poison in his role to other characters….like Dr. Terrell Jackson that was such a waste of a GOOD CHARACTER to be a long time doctor role on GH… we could have had him on this show all this time…and they then got rid of him just like how they are going to get rid of Dr. ANDRE.. i really don’t understand what these writers have against DIVERSITY>. i mean the only time you see Dr. KELLY which represents my race is when SOMEBODY is FREAKING PREGNANT.. why can’t KELLY be seen to hang out with LIZ and talk to LIZ whenever.. that would be a good role for FEMALE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT how can the audience take LIZ seriously when she is tethered to useless men she doesn’t need in her life.. =__=… COUGH COUGH FRANCO NICK RICK LUCKY ZANDER… and this NEW JASON CASE CLOSED>. the OLD JASON from 1998-2012 was better suited for LIZ.. this NEW JASON is just trash.. but either way i would rather see this jason with COMISSIONER JORDAN instead of.. SAM.. JASON used to date KEESHA WARD. if you go to an average JASAM fan they wouldn’t even know JASON was way more happier with KEESHA WARD before LIZ or SAM ever showed up in his life… RIP JUSTUS QUATERMAINE…

    2. Dee says

      He sizzles hotness every time he’s on. Nurse Amy has been my #1 target OR my 2nd #1 Dr. Obrecht. NOW that she’d no longer Chief of Staff, anything is possible. She was bad to the bone when she started and most likely continues to do so! I read things will start to unravel next week about who he/she is. I can’t wait!

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