GH Spoilers: Shocking Outcome, Is Kristina’s Fate Sealed In Sonny-Pikeman Shootout?

General Hospital Spoilers: Shocking Outcome, Is Kristina's Fate Sealed In Sonny-Pikeman Shootout?General Hospital spoilers and updates tease a pregnant Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi) could find her life is in danger, her and her baby’s fates sealed.

It’s very realistic to think that she could get in the middle of a shootout between Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Pikeman assassins and get shot!

General Hospital Spoilers – Exactly What TJ Ashford Is Worried About

Tensions continue to escalate on with Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) ongoing downward spiral and his intensifying conflict with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and the Pikeman group.

Sonny’s behavior has been growing more unpredictable by the day, leading him to question the loyalty of those closest to him, including his own family and friends.

Surprisingly, he’s turned to Ava Jerome (Maura West) for support, accusing Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) of disloyalty, a major shift in his usual reliance on them.

Kristina made it clear to TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) that she was not going to stay away from and avoid her father, despite his fears of her and the baby’s danger.

A dangerous shootout situation where Kristina and the baby could be hurt, or worse, is exactly what TJ is worried about!

GH Spoilers – Sonny Corinthos’s Dangerously Spiraling Situation

Sonny may have his struggles with Carly, but he always knew she’d be there for him in a heartbeat if he needed her, and vice versa.

With his bipolar medication being tampered with by Valentin, it’s likely he’ll need her help again in the future, Carly can always tell when something’s off, and confronted him over it.

As Sonny continues isolating himself and faces potential threats from Valentin and Pikeman, the stakes are higher than ever, making it more dangerous for his close family like Kristina as well.

Valentin having discussed plans with Jack Brennan to take down Jason and put the blame on Sonny only adds to the tension in Port Charles-tricky business indeed!

General Hospital Spoilers – Dangerous Days Ahead?

Valentin may be feeling optimistic about his plan, but longtime viewers are well aware that sinister schemes targeting Sonny tend to go awry, often resulting in an unintended victim getting hurt.

Remember when Morgan (Bryan Craig) tragically lost his life in a car bombing intended for his father, and that Curtis (Donnell Turner) was hit while a sniper shot at Sonny!

TJ brought that up when expressing his worries to Molly Lansing-Davis (Kristen Vaganos), regarding Kristina’s constant presence around Sonny, emphasizing that it might not be beneficial for the baby.

It seems like Kristina and her baby might be in trouble soon. Say, she decides to have a chat with Sonny at a crowded place like the pier, and suddenly, one of Pikeman’s henchmen fires a shot, accidentally hitting her.

GH Spoilers – Tragedy Strikes Port Charles And The Extended Corinthos Family?

A mistake of this magnitude would undoubtedly throw the town into complete chaos. TJ and Molly would be frantic about Kristina’s safety, while Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) would likely be furious that Sonny’s choices have once again endangered her daughter.

Sonny would be a wreck, and even Valentin would be distressed, given Kristina’s familial connection to him.

While we can imagine Kristina surviving this crisis, the fate of the unborn baby remains uncertain. Then again, both Kristina and her baby could easily not survive!

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