‘General Hospital’ News: 5 Couples We Want Back Together On ‘GH!’

'General Hospital' News: 5 Couples We Want Back Together On 'GH!' In the world of daytime television, often times you find that couples you love and adapt to break-up and make-up. Over the years, throughout ‘General Hospital’s’ history there has been some couples you love, some you hate and some you just love to hate. While we look back through the shows long tenure we reflect on some couples that really brought life and intrigue to viewers. While there are a number of couples we would love to see back together we’ve cut down the list to 5.

Nikolas and Emily:

Emily [Ex-Natalia Livingston] is the best thing that ever happened to Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] and Nikolas himself said so when her ghost visited him in 2014. Who knew that what started out a just a friendship would later turn out to be one of the greatest love stories of all time? The romantic pairing between Emily and Nikolas was one talked about for years, it was truly unique. Sadly their involvement ended when Emily was killed by Diego Alcazar [Ex-Ignacio Serricchio]. We know you might be questioning why we chose this couple since Emily is dead. But, soap operas are known to find ways to revive dead characters and GH is no doubt one of them. Somehow, someway GH could find a way to bring back the character of Emily and pair her with Nikolas once again and we know we won’t be the only ones who would love that.

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'General Hospital' News: 5 Couples We Want Back Together On 'GH!'

Duke and Anna

Yea, we know!  Another couple separated by death. Similar to the couple aforementioned Duke [Ex-Ian Buchanan] and Anna [Finola Hughes], popularly referred to as ‘DnA’, were very talked about even to this present day. Viewers are craving a Duke and Anna reunion, and so are we. Similarly to reviving other dead other characters, the producers could somehow revive Duke and continue telling a compelling and romantic story between Duke and Anna. We are of the opinion that though they spent several years together, their romantic pairing was cut short due to Duke’s death. Bring back Duke GH! And, reunite Anna with her best pairing yet.

'General Hospital' News: 5 Couples We Want Back Together On 'GH!'

Sonny and Brenda

We know many Carson [Carly and Sonny] fans may not be happy with this selection. But, we think Brenda [Ex-Vanessa Marcil] and Sonny [Maurice Benard] had one of the best stories in daytime. From the first time Brenda met Sonny she was literally drawn to him and despite rumors she had her mind set on getting involved with him. They grew closer over the years but found themselves in some situations where they had to be separated several times. And though Sonny has been paired with numerous people, Brenda still stands out as one of his best. Fortunately for this pairing, none of the characters are dead. It is just a matter of GH producers reaching out to Marcil and making some deal for her return. Wouldn’t you love to see Sonny and Brenda back together again?

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'General Hospital' News: 5 Couples We Want Back Together On 'GH!'

Lucky and Elizabeth

For sure!  Lucky [Ex-Jonathan Jackson] and Elizabeth [Rebecca Herbst] is no surprise on this list. Similar to their friends Emily and Nikolas, their relationship started out as friends. Later they became close and left several viewers shipping their romantic pairing. Though some fans wanted Jason [Billy Miller] and Elizabeth together forever, they broke up when he found out she hid his identity from him. Yet some were hoping that he would forgive her and stick with her anyway. He eventually chose Sam [Kelly Monaco] and Elizabeth is left without a man. And, while it seems the show is heading for a pairing between her and Franco [Roger Howarth], we are sure more fans would rather see Lucky return and reunite with her.

'General Hospital' News: 5 Couples We Want Back Together On 'GH!'

Luke and Laura

Still the greatest couple to have ever graced the GH screen, Luke [Ex-Anthony Geary] and Laura [Genie Francis] needs to reunite. Their relationship started off very shaky, but things between them changed when Luke’s character did too. Their wedding was one that is still listed as one of the best in daytime history. Approximately 30 million persons had tuned in to see their extravagant wedding. While they are not together now and Luke is somewhere exploring himself and Laura caught up in a new mission, their love still lives on. Surely Geary could return and once again be paired with Laura for the unforeseeable future.

So GH fans do you agree with our picks? If not, what are your 5 picks?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy daily for all of your ‘General Hospital’ spoilers and news.

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  1. scoma60 says

    Lucky & Liz? Hell, no! He’s judgemental and a deadbeat father. I never want Liz back with that abusive ass.Don’t reunite Liz/Lucky or Nik/Emily and finally do Liz/Nik. They have both moved on from their first loves.Niz have 20 years of devoted friendship & white hot passion.

    1. Edith P says

      I like Carly with Sonny better than any of the other women.

  2. Michele says

    I’d prefer Robert and Holly or Frisco and Felicia to Nik and Emily, but the rest are love.

  3. Diana Harris says

    Most were good picks but I prefer Carly with Sonny as she is the only one that can really handle him, and
    Brenda with Jax.

  4. Ricky Nihan says

    Laura doesnt need luke they will always love each other

  5. Ricky Nihan says

    Tony is in the gayest. Countrys. Amsterdam

  6. Kevin Pham says

    liz and JASON back together
    SILAS and SAM back togeher
    JOHN mcbain and SAM back together..

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