‘General Hospital’ Interview: William deVry Dishes On The Fate Of ‘Julexis’ – Can Couple Be Saved?

'General Hospital' Interview: William deVry Dishes On The Fate Of 'Julexis' - Can Couple Be Saved?What’s going to be the fate of our beloved Julexis on ‘General Hospital’? Fans are beginning to worry that their lovely couple is at a point beyond repair. Will Alexis [Nancy Lee Grahn] ever forgive Julian [William DeVry] and truly get past him killing Carlos Rivera [Jeffrey Vincent Parise]?

It has been hard watching them face this rough time together, going head to head in argument over Julian taking out Carlos. And, the portrayer William DeVry, in the latest issue of the Soap Opera Digest magazine spoke of the couples’ predicament.

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What will Alexis do with the information that Julian was the one who murdered Carlos, especially now that he has destroyed the only evidence she had? Deep down inside we know and we can still see that Alexis is still madly in love with Julian, but finds it hard to get past what he has done.

DeVry in his discussion with SOD shared how much he sees this story as opportunity for the fans to get greatly immersed. He dished that fans must remember that Julian was absent from the canvas for quite a number of years. And, what happened in those years are yet to be explained.

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William DeVry went on to say, “As the story goes on, I am kind of seeing people go ‘This is really super interesting. I’m still pissed that they ruined Julexis but you guys are on fire.’ It’s almost like going by a car accident. You just can’t help but look.”

Well it seems the couple will find some way to work things out. Alexis no longer really has any evidence to turn over to the police for her husband to be locked up. Does this mean she will not find some way to turn him in? Alexis already confessed to Dianne [Carolyn Hennessy] that Julian committed Carlos’ murder so would they go forward as planned?

What do you think GH fans? Do you think Alexis and Julian will get past this? Do you think they should or do you think it’s time they called their relationship a quits?

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  1. scoma60 says

    End Julexis now.Alexis looked like a selfish unfeeling bitch when she married him knowing he murdered Duke.Now he’s callously murdered 2 others & implicated her. The core of her character is ruined if she stays with him.Julian needs the death penalty or life in prison.

  2. Sheila Lewis-Fitzhugh says

    I agree totally that he should be in prison and I absolutely cannot stand his arrogance. He acts as though Alexis owes him something and has the audacity to act like he has an attitude when he confronts her. GH puts women in a bad light by having Alexis not stand up to him and his threats. I’m more than aware this is a soap opera but its also a reflection of real life and so answer this, what woman is going to do time for a man especially when she has kids. Alexis better take Paul’s plea deal and send Julian straight to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.

  3. dtbcn says

    Fix them. They are amazing together!!!!! Love them!

  4. Rosalind Stanley says

    Put Julexis back together already! I do not buy Sonny being Alexis’ hero. Not too long ago she was “dead” to him. He vandalized her house, threatened her, etc. What’s with all the Julian hate? He has done nothing worse than Sonny or Jason, or Duke for that matter. I like all three of those guys, but come on, Julian is definitely no worse or more deserving of jail time than them. When you live in the mob world, you play by the mob rules. He put a hit out on Duke? So what? Duke put a hit out on a woman and a police officer in Jordan.Sonny has put out hits on many and terrorized Julian’s sister while she was pregnant with his child (guess he had nothing to do with that pregnancy, huh?) Julian did not cause Anna’s miscarriage, thus being unjustly the subject of revenge for both Duke and Anna. Geez, give the guy a break. As criminals go on GH, he’s pretty mild.

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