‘General Hospital’ Interview: James Nigbor Exclusively Dishes On Unexpected ‘GH’ Exit, Working With Billy Miller, And Future Projects

'General Hospital' Interview: James Nigbor Exclusively Dishes On Unexpected 'GH' Exit, Working With Billy Miller, And Future ProjectsRecent ‘General Hospital’ news indicates that James Nigbor exited his role as Jake Spencer on ‘General Hospital’ on February 29, 2016. While many viewers are saddened by this news, Soap Opera Spy had the privilege to interview Nigbor. In this interview Nigbor shared how delighted he was to have such support from his fans. He also shared what a great opportunity it was to be a part of the GH talented cast and what possibly could be in his future. Take a look at the full interview below:

How are you doing today James?

Ok just woke up, how are you?

Ok I’m great thank you. We recently heard the news of your exit from GH, any comments?

I guess you can say I feel sad and a little disappointed. But that’s how it goes sometimes.

Oh boy, we’re sad too. What’s next for you though?

Not sure guess we will just have to wait and see.

Ok, would you do another Daytime show?

Possibly but I would REALLY like to get in the movies.

Wow, now wouldn’t that be fun. Did you know before hand that the show was planning to recast your character?

No my mom told me yesterday.

We are saddened to see you go, but how was your last day on the set?

It was fun! I got to be in a wheelchair and ring the bell on the bike. It was nice to have a scene with all my friends since I won’t see them again.

Nice. what though, would you say was your favorite moment/scene at GH?

I would say the wedding scene because everyone was there and I got to wear a tux!

Cool, that tux did look good on you,  Jake is like a kid from a horror movie, what do you think about doing a horror movie?

That would be cool!

Definitely! How was it playing beside the talented Rebecca Herbst and Billy Miller as your parents?

I thought they were really talented and were so nice. Billy always made me laugh!

Okay, as saddened as we are with your exit so are many of the fans and viewers. Have you seen their comments on your exit what would like to say to those fans?

I would say thanks for all your support and love and this is not the last you will see of me.

Thanks James for stopping by to do this interview, we wish you all the best

Thanks so much!

Have a good day!

So what are your thoughts on this GH fans? Are you disappointed with this news? What would you like to see Nigbor do next?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. scoma60 says

    I hate that he wasn’t told on his last day.He could have said proper goodbyes and they could have had a cake.

    1. Lisa Pettit says

      That’s how it goes unfortunately in this business. Most kids don’t get a “last day”, no matter how many years you’ve put into a soap. The kids over at Days who had worked 7 years on the show didn’t get a last day, Braden Walkes probably didn’t have a last day either, you only really get a last day as a kid if your character is exiting in some way in the script as they are all on recurring status.

  2. tinafg says

    Once again, the stupidity of ABC. People are commenting on this boy’s acting. Considering what the character has been through, this is exactly how he should be. He should be very, very sedate. Very withdrawn. The storyline would eventually draw out his personality. Idiots. All the best to you, sweetie. Just like with so many they’ve let go, you will go on to be a success!

  3. Tonya Wilson Bowen says

    I hate they are replacing him I love this little mam I cried when he died the first time I cried when he came back now im crying again because he was replaced , i think they should had told him when he first came back as Jake ,then maybe he would have not been so said . Good luck hope to see you in the movies .i will miss that cute face .

  4. Sue S says

    He is a talented young man and the way he played Jake is how you would expect after being with kept like a hostage for years. So sad he didn’t get to play out the role. Would have been very interesting. Good luck to him in the future. Am sure he will find roles soon.

  5. Deborah J says

    Letting James go was a BIG MISTAKE !!!!

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