‘Days of Our Lives’ News – Stefano DiMera Gone for Good – Joseph Mascolo Exit Confirmed by DOOL Costars on Social Media

'Days of Our Lives' News – Stefano DiMera Gone for Good – Joseph Mascolo Exit Confirmed by DOOL Costars on Social Media‘Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) news indicates that even the Stefano DiMera [Joseph Mascolo] has beaten the odds before, this time it looks like “The Phoenix” won’t rise from the ashes. Mascolo’s costars confirmed the actor’s final exit on social media, to great disappointment from fans.

Few expected when Hope Brady [Kristian Alfonso] shot rival Stefano last week that final death would be the outcome. After all, how many times has Stefano cheated death? He’s been drowned, shot (more than once), burned (more than once), bombed, caught in a hurricane, plus a plane and car crash.

It seemed like Stefano could surely survive three more bullets at the hands of Hope, but social media posts from costars reveal that his 34 year reign of terror in Salem is done for good. Here’s a look at some of the social media sendoffs from co-stars:

A Martinez – DOOL’s Eduardo Hernandez – tweeted “Joe Mascolo. Well done, sir.”

Miranda Wilson – DOOL’s Megan DiMera – tweeted “That man was really like a father to me. Was teary-eyed.”

Thaao Penghlis – DOOL’s Tony DiMera – tweeted “So sorry about my dear Stefano today. Andre will miss him dearly.”

Kristian Alfonso – DOOL’s Hope Brady – tweeted “I will miss working with Joe, love him, loved working with him.”

Dena Higley – DOOL writer – tweeted “Joe Mascolo taught me class. Love U Joe!”

Fan response has been even greater than that of coworkers – many lamenting that the Phoenix was gone for good – with some frustrated at the manner of his death. Looks like everyone is sad to see the legend go, but Mascolo’s health concerns may have forced a hasty exit for his character.

When Mascolo negotiated his last contract renewal, he insisted on a maximum of two days of work per week which resulted in much less screen time than fans would have preferred. But now, all signs point to a permanent exit from Salem for Joe Mascolo – and Stefano DiMera.

What do you think DOOL fans? Will Salem be the same without the evil Stefano? How much will you miss Joseph Mascolo? Share your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to check back with Soap Opera Spy often for more “Days of Our Lives” spoilers, news and updates.

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  1. Brenda says

    I don’t want Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) to leave. Loved his character and his acting as head of the DiMera family. Please don’t write this family out!

  2. glenna says

    Iam so sorry stefano is leaving Dool. He is the one the that made me fall in love with Dool i love a powerful and mysterious man he got things done and no one knows how or when i just love love him. Excellent Joe ill miss u so i cried when u got shot. I wish u well

  3. Louisemaria says


  4. Sandra says

    Stephanie will be missed..
    Even tho I must say he had more than 9 lives..
    I admit..he got on my nerves alot being mean n controllable..awesome actor at the end…farewell

  5. Judy says

    WOW – Days is not going to be the same – everyone is leaving – I have watched Days from day one & I will truly miss Stefano & others that has gone before him. Looks like Days will be no more if they keep cutting great actors & actress – very sad

  6. Carol says

    I’ve watched since the show began, and I have to say that my all-time choice for best actor has always been Joe Mascolo. What a multi-talented gentleman. I saw him in the film “Yes, Giorgio,” which starred Luciano Pavarotti, and he has a great singing voice! What always amazed me was his ability to speak in such a believable accent. In fact, when he was being interviewed as himself rather than Stefano, it bugged me to hear him speak “plain English!” That’s how much he brought his character to life.

    As others have said, “Well done.” We will miss you terribly.

  7. Patsy Candebat says

    WOW!!!! What a way to go. Gonna’ miss him so much. Have watched Days since day , my Daughter was born 11/65 and I started right after she came home from the hospital. I had the pleasure of meeting Joe a the 45th Anniversary book signing. So sweet waving at his fans and laughing. Not at all like Stefano. His wife was sitting at a table and I went over and told her how much I loved his character, and him. At the time he was married to Kate and I mentioned to Joe how I enjoyed seeing some of the older people having great story lines. God bless you and have a wonderful retirement. We will miss you. Hugs.

  8. Leona says

    Joe has been a wonderful addition to Days his parting is bitter sweet but I understand his need for rest. Now how can the dimera family live on to bring excitment back to town…….bring Peter back with a vengeance. Let him reclaim Jennifer as his wife and send him after all who Kirsten hated. As well as Sami for stealing the family fortune. Nikki deserves some happiness give it to her. Those kids that grew up over night dump ciera she is horrivlebring max and Frankie back bring back David, Trisha or just create new exciting characters we can love again.

  9. Allie says

    I’m fairly new to Days. I’ve watched for only about 3 years but in that time it was Stephano and the Dimera family who intrigued me and kept me coming back. I’m sad to see Stephano go, especially at the hands of Hope. But he was a legend in his field and he will be greatly missed.

  10. Alexzandria says

    Days will never be the same. He’s my favorite actor on the show. I’m just in shock.

  11. Lynn says

    The chacter of Stefano was the best He will be greatly missed. Days will not be the same. Best wishes

  12. Stephanie says

    I’m hoping it was a dream sequence !!!! Hes amazing actor and love how he keeps everyone scared. If he has to go for health reasons then I wish him well and now Andre can be head of the kingdom ! They need then evil family noone wants to just watch the Holy Bradys. The whole storyline needs help , no way would it be possible to steal his money and why doesn’t Belle give it back it’s not hers . Teresa and Brady doesn’t fit at all , it makes him look like a idiot . Can he not learn he falls for the wrong women !!!! Plus no chemistry .
    Be well Stefano you will be missed ?

  13. marie nolen says

    I really enjoyed watching him on dools,he’s a great actor,and I will miss him on Dools,I’m and big fan of him,and I’m sorry to see him go.Take care of yourself. Good luck.

  14. Renee says

    Stepheno will be miss the show it won’t be the same without him i wish it was Audul instand of him going off i love Days i hope they keep it on air and don’t put a talk show on in it place we don’t need any more them we have enough we need Day to stay on

  15. Dawn Jacquay says

    I hate to see Joseph Mascoco leave the show, he is a great actor, plays a great villan. May God Continue to Bless him in the future. DOOL is losing a lot of character’s. PTER Reckell, AKA BO BRADY, Dr Dan, Kate Mandir AKA Abby, Now Joseph Mascoco AKA Stefeno, I heard Eric is leaving as well as Victor. Three of them so far have been killed off, why kill everyone off, why not let them say they are moving out to another state? Either way all those who I grew up watchin will be missed.I pray that God will continue to BLESS them in there new Chapter in life.

  16. Audrey says

    Joe Mascolo will greatly be missed. He played “the bad guy” very well. Even folks who don’t watch DOOL know who Stephano DiMera is. Many best wishes to this Days icon!

  17. Stacy says

    There will never be another villain like the Great Stephano DiMera.. Rest in peace to the Phoenix

  18. Kay Allen says

    Joseph Mascolo will be great missed. He was the ultimate villain. It’s hard to lose someone who has been around so long. Happy retirement to him.

  19. Darlene C. Hancock says

    I hate to see him retire, but have noticed he has gone down a good bit. I am glad, though, that they “killed off” the character. He IS the Phoenix, Stephano DiMera. No one could replace him as well as the other long-running actors. I hope his health improves and he enjoys retirement.

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