‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope’s Life In Danger – Who Doesn’t Want Rafe And Hope Together?

'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Hope's Life In Danger - Who Doesn't Want Rafe And Hope Together?Hope (Kristian Alfonso) has dealt with a lot of drama lately on ‘Days Of Our Lives.’ She has dealt with the loss of her husband Bo (Peter Reckell), as well as finding out the truth about Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove). She also recovered from an explosion that nearly took her life. Things seem to be moving in the right direction for the detective now that she is back home. Rafe (Galen Gering) has been by her side ever since she left the hospital. The two have been closer than ever. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t happy that the two of them are getting closer together.

Hope is aware that people aren’t happy about her decision to be back with Rafe. She wants to focus on her relationship with Rafe. The problem is she let her guard down knowing that her life isn’t as perfect as she thinks. She is not sure if her life is in danger. She fears that someone is coming after her.

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Since Hope and Rafe are back together, people have a problem with them being together more so than they did before. This bothers Hope and she doesn’t know what to do with her life. Who could be coming after Hope? Is it Aiden? Aiden has made it no secret that he is still in love with Hope. According to spoilers, he either wants her back or he wants to seek revenge against her for not being with him.

Another person who could be coming after Hope is Andre (Thaao Penghlis). Andre is determined to make her pay for framing him for his father Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) death. Andre already tried to kill her in the explosion and it didn’t work. The scheming DiMera is not finished with destroying the detective. He won’t rest until she suffers for what she did.

Adriana (Alma Delfina) is another one who may be coming after Hope. Adriana is making it no secret that she wants Hope out of her son’s life. Recently, she demanded that Roman (Josh Taylor) give Rafe a new partner so he wouldn’t have to work with Hope anymore. She was furious when he wouldn’t give her what she wanted. Will Rafe’s mother be willing to do whatever she can to keep Hope away from her son?

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Another likely suspect could be Blanca (Ximena Duque). She has feelings for Rafe even though he has denied having feelings for her. Blanca could easily try to get Hope out of the way so she can have Rafe for herself. She doesn’t seem that happy that Rafe chose to be with Hope instead of her. Since Blanca is leaving the show soon, this could be how she is being written out of the show.

Who do you think is coming after Hope? Do you think it is any of these suspects or a new one? Stay tuned to Days Of Our Lives to find out who doesn’t want to see Hope with Rafe.

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