‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Jennifer And Chad’s Custody Battle Takes A Surprising Turn

'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Jennifer And Chad's Custody Battle Takes A Surprising TurnAs Days Of Our Lives fans know, Chad (Billy Flynn) is going through a custody battle with Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) over his son Thomas. Things take a surprising turn in the custody battle. According to ‘DOOL’ spoilers, Abby’s disappearance may cause bigger problems for the family. They believe that Abby is dead. While they are grieving the loss of Abby, the custody battle will be a factor between Jennifer and Chad.

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Chad is overcome with grief over losing Abby. He doesn’t know how he will live without the love of his life. He has an epiphany and realizes that he is in no position to take care of his son by himself while he is dealing with the loss of his wife. Chad decides to give up on the battle and lets Jennifer take care of his son. He wants her to raise his son for now while he is grieving. Jennifer is happy about the news that she will get to take care of her grandchild.

JJ (Casey Moss) will handle his grief differently from Chad. JJ is dealing with his grief through anger. JJ will hold Chad responsible for his sister’s death. According to JJ, Chad was the reason why Abby went to the mental hospital in the first place. JJ feels that Chad pressured her into committing herself into the hospital. Chad tries to defend himself by saying that Abby needed professional help, but JJ doesn’t want to hear it. Chad even uses Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) advice to explain why Abby had to go to the mental institution, but that also doesn’t go well with JJ.

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The family will be grieving over Abby’s death, but what they don’t know is she is still alive. The audience doesn’t know where Abby is, but she will be returning to Salem soon. As fans know, Marci Miller will be taking over the role that Kate Mansi left. The actress will be appearing on the show in the fall. Will Abby be upset when she finds out that Jennifer has custody of her son? Will Abby blame Chad for giving up custody of their son to her mother? How will Abby’s mental state be when she returns?

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