‘Days Of Our Lives’ News: ‘DOOL’ Ratings Continue To Plummet – Some Fans Unimpressed With Current Storylines, What Needs To Change?

'Days Of Our Lives' News: 'DOOL' Ratings Continue To Plummet - Fans Unimpressed With Current Storylines What’s going on with ‘Days of Our Lives’? A recent article from TV Source described watching the NBC soap opera as ‘a test of one’s patience,’ do other fans feel like that? Are you feeling like the writers need to do more and invest in some watch worthy storylines?  ‘DOOL‘ ratings continue to plummet every week and it’s becoming clear that something is just not working.

There was supposed to be a faster move of storylines when the show took a brief hiatus so that the time between filming and airing is not as long as it used to be.  However it seems like it hasn’t changed, viewers still have to wait approximately 6 months to see storylines that are currently being teased.

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Then the story progression is lacking. When viewers examine some possibly great storylines they ponder why the writers did not invest more into them. For instance, the story of Chase [Jonathon McClendon] having sex with Ciara [Vivian Jovani] without her consent.

This could have turned out to be a major storyline but after Ciara revealed it to her mother Hope [Kristian Alfonso] and Chase was arrested, it seems Days writers shifted focus. Now viewers find, Ciara obsessed with former boyfriends’ Uncle. Is this what viewers really want to see?

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Other stars have to be exiting the soap opera because of a lack of storylines. ‘DAYS’ writers really need to think about some compelling stories before there is a need for another writing regime change. Many of the current storylines in progress are a major repeat of history. It’s not only ‘Days of Our Lives’, many of the remaining soap operas are doing it. But, luckily for them they also have some must-watch stories at the same time.

Fans, we want to hear from you. Do you have suggestions of storylines that the show can invest it? If you were the writers what would be your storylines right now?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy daily for all of your ‘Days Of Our Lives’ spoilers and news.

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  1. William Morgan says

    I’m 50 years old and have watched since 1976 and it have never been this bad. I want Chandler Massey back. I don’t care how crazy the story has to be to do it. The DiMira’s have returned countless times so why not Will.

    Marlena needs her OWN story and just part of John’s.

    Ciara needs recast with a stronger actress.

  2. Carmel Smith says

    I don’t think the rape story should have ever happened. It was not needed. The problem I have with Ciara and Chad, is the actress. She is not a strong enough actress, that’s the problem. All the spice has been taken from Theresa. DC is back but the story sucks. He is just here to prop Rafe. Gabi and JJ have chemistry but we never see them. The majority of the teens can’t act, excluding Chase and Ciara. The only story I’m interested in, is anything involving Deimos and Nicole. Happy Andre is back too. Just better stories please.

    1. Kathy says

      I, too, like the story of Deimos and Nicole. This is the only storyline that I like to watch ight now.
      Hope more good stories are coming

  3. agr8wrld says

    Every time they bring Dena back, the show goes to h e ll in a hatbox. Get rid of her, don’t ever bring her back. Surely there has to be other writers out there who could do DOOL justice. I’ve watched this show since it began and I can tell you the last year has been one of the worst I’ve seen and that includes Marlena’s possession. Quit killing off all these characters. It’s out of control IMO.

  4. disqus_4C19FzWY83 says


    Pairing Sonny and Paul together less than a year after Will’s death? Having Paul becoming another father figure to Arianna? It’s disgusting and wrong on every level! If it happened next year, then people would be rooting for Sonny and Paul together. But because it’s too soon it’s unacceptable.

    Will should come back with his head held high, strong and independent. and for BOTH sonny and Paul to fall in love with him all over again!

    Hell no to Sonny and Paul absolutely disgusting!

    And Hope moving on with Rafe less than a year after Bo/Aiden’s death is BEYOND DEPLORABLE! Her two loves died and she can move on with Rafe with a wave of the wand. Which is why Rafe/Hope is disgusting too!

  5. Sagata says

    They ruined a perfect match of Hope and Aiden…Gave his storyline a stupid twist just so Bo could come back and die. Rafe deserves someone with fire…someone with spirit! Deimos, I love, Nicole too! Please right the ship with STRONG CHARACTERS and a storyline we can root for.

  6. CarolinaCries says

    Stop killing off the people we all love to watch. The storylines take way too long to come to a finale. Get back to the core characters, the Bradys, Hortons, Victor and John and Marlena. It’s just plain boring right now. There’s not one character that keeps my interest so i’m one of the ones that watches “occasionally” now, hoping the storylines heat up and get interesting.

  7. Kathy says

    I have watched Days from 1966 to present. I am VERY disappointed with the show for about a year now. It totally lost its luster. When the 50th anniversary came around, they totally blew it. All those killings, the show should have been more upbeat, celebrating the anniversary on the show more than they did. Yes, the star and producers traveled all over the country with their book signing, and I was one of those fans who bought the book, but THOSE KILLINGS on the show really were disturbing.
    Very disturbing how WILL was strangled. Doing that was really Killing the show.
    The really Good actors left or were fired.
    I am still watching Days, but am starting to watch Young and the Restless. In the event Days is cancelled, I will have a show to watch that is number 1

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