‘Dark Shadows’ Time Travel to 1897: Barnabas Collins Seeks Cure for Chris Jennings Werewolf Curse – Discovers Collins Family Secrets

'Dark Shadows' Time Travel to 1897: Barnabas Collins Seeks Cure for Chris Jennings Werewolf Curse – Discovers Collins Family SecretsWhen ‘Dark Shadows’ made its premiere on the ABC daytime line-up on June 27, 1966 it was unlike any other soap opera. Until its cancellation in April 1971, the daytime drama explored the world of time travel and included vampires, witches, ghouls and ghosts into its storylines. Never before had a daytime drama explored the storylines that unfolded on ‘Dark Shadows.’

Some of ‘Dark Shadows’ fans favorite storylines took place during the episodes focusing the vampire Barnabas Collins [Jonathan Frid] travels from 1969 back to 1897 using the 49th hexagram of the I-Ching.

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Once Barnabas returned to 1897 he was helped by Sandor Rakosi [Thayer David] and Magda Rakosi [Grayson Hall]. Why would Barnabas want to travel back in time 1o 1897? The vampire was looking for answers to why Quentin Collins [David Selby] was haunting Collinwood Manor in 1969.

By traveling back in time Barnabas would stop the death of David Collins [David Henesy]]. Barnabas also needed to find the connection between Chris Jennings [Don Briscoe] and Quentin Collins in an attempt to cure Chris of the werewolf curse. Turns out Chris was a Collins on his mother’s side of the family.

What Barnabas did not know was that Magda had placed that werewolf curse on Quentin to punish him for his cruel treatment of his wife Jenny Collins [Marie Wallace], Magda’s secret sister. The werewolf curse affected all of Quentin’s male descendants of which Chris Jennings was through his mother Lenore Collins.

All did not go well during Barnabas’s trip back in time. His physical body disappeared from 1969 and that prompted Dr. Julia Hoffman to also meditate her way to 1987. A disoriented Julia did not stay very long – she quickly returned to 1969 without Barnabas.

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‘Dark Shadows’ fans can watch the 1897 storyline unfold throughout episodes 700 through 850 of season 14. These episodes are now available on Hulu. The streaming service added 400 of the 1,225 original episodes and it appears as if the pay service has added more since the announcement in July 2016.

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