Criminal Minds Star Thomas Gibson Suspended For Assaulting Writer

Criminal Minds Star Thomas Gibson Suspended For Assaulting WriterCriminal Minds star Thomas Gibson has been suspended from the hit CBS show for physically assaulting one of the show’s writers.

During a creative dispute with one of the show’s writers on set, Thomas Gibson allegedly kicked the writer in the leg, TMZ reports.  The writer then reported the incident to big wigs at CBS who suspended the actor for an indeterminate amount of time.  It is unclear as to whether the writer sustained any significant injury during the incident.  So far, Thomas Gibson has been suspended from Criminal Minds Season 12 for two weeks.  Thomas Gibson has portrayed Aaron Hotchner on the hit show since 2005.  He has also directed six episodes beginning in 2013.

The actor claims that the writer became “aggressive” and that he kicked him “in retaliation.”  In a statement to TMZ, Thomas Gibson said, “There were creative differences on the set and a disagreement.  I regret that it occurred.  We all want to work together as a team to make the best show possible.  We always have and always will.”

This isn’t the first time the actor has physically attacked a staff member working on a show.  Accroding to Deadline, Gibson allegedly was also involved in an altercation with another staffer on Criminal Minds in the past.

It is unclear at this time whether his suspension from the show will be permanent or how the writers will handle his absence in current scripts.  Because the show is on its twelfth season and going strong, it is unlikely that the actor will be axed for good despite this being his second alleged assault on a fellow member of the Criminal Minds team.  It is also unclear whether there will be any criminal charges filed against the actor for the assault, or if the writer will be pursuing civil litigation.  One thing is clear: Thomas Gibson is a nightmare to work with and undoubtedly has made himself extremely unpopular with the rest of the cast and crew for his violent diva-like behavior.

Tell us what you think in the comments below—should Thomas Gibson be fired from Criminal Minds?  If not, how long do you think his suspension will last?  Will the show suffer in his absence?  Do you think his days of directing episodes of the show are now over?  What would possess a grown man to kick another person in the leg during an argument?

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  1. Jolene234 says

    We have no idea what the writer said or did. Though nothing condones violence. But you also have no idea whether he is unpopular with the rest of the cast so why say that.

  2. Kevin Pham says

    all i have to say is.. when an actor and actress understands their role is being used as PUNCHING BAG… to SPICE up the show for more than a 2 years and the point of the show is to bank on that kind of setting for the script through the network.. then it’s time for an adjustment role.. to be given to that ACTOR or ACTRESS… because over time that cause pscychological stress to the actors or actresses performance.. actors and actresses are fully aware they can always be replaced… but how many times must an EXECUTIVE and PRODUCER afford the risk to loose the comfortably they have with the show character collected actors and actresses settings.. and redoing paper work money and time.. to stimulate the same kind of performance through that particular actor or actress and logically productions are being FORCD to SPEED up the process of using and dialing down their produciton and projects… SO over all there has to be a COMPRIMISE between the DIRECTOR WRITER PRODUCER and ACTOR… if that is not met … then it’s time for NEW CHANGES… in the script so these injustices should be SEVERED and FIXED.. though he went about it all in the wrong method to explain his afflictions.. i still say.. he should have spoken about his problems with all parties involved sooner over a decent meaningful conversation months ago….

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