‘The Young And The Restless’ (Y&R) News: Eric Braeden Addresses Victor Newman Exit Rumors

'The Young And The Restless' (Y&R) News: Eric Braeden Addresses Victor Newman Exit Rumors“The Young and the Restless” rumors of the day seemed to be that Eric Braeden is leaving the hit daytime drama. According to the rumor, Eric Braeden’s contract negotiations are not going as planned. He was asked to take a pay cut; he of course refused, and announced he would leave the show later this month. There’s only one problem with this rumor; Eric recently signed a two-year contract extending his stay on the show until September 2017. So where does this terrible never-ending rumor come from?

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In 2009, Eric was not happy with his storylines or the pay he was receiving. He demanded more money or he would leave the show. At one time, he walked off the set and vowed that he was done with the show- for good. In the ninth hour, the show caved in and gave him his demands- ending the contract dispute with TPTB.

Ever since, every year fans speculate that the handsome stud would be leaving the show. Many fans think because of his age; he may need to slow down. Eric put that rumor to rest last month when he said in an interview, “To retire is death. I will never stop working.” He also stated, “What will I do if I retire- play golf? No thanks.”

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Eric took to Twitter to voice his opinion about the Internet rumor about his retirement, once again. He posted a picture of himself rolling his eyes with the caption, “Not this sh*t again.” Sorry fans, it looks like you are definitely stuck with Victor Newman another two years.”

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  1. Sandy Barbiero says

    YAY! Never leave! I love you!

  2. Linda Bancroft says

    Im so glad you are staying. You are the back bone of the show.love you dear friend Victor.God bless you and your family.

  3. Nancy Lowell says

    The Y& r WITHOUT VICTOR–never–that would be like night without day, clouds with no rain–I would stop watching the show on that alone–we need Victor in all his many guises.

  4. MG Dee says

    OMG!! VIctor IS the Y&R!! He can never leave!!!

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