‘The Young And The Restless’ (Y&R) Interview: Eric Braeden Discusses Victor And Adam’s Troubled Relationship, And Retirement Rumors

'The Young And The Restless' (Y&R) Interview: Eric Braeden Discusses Victor And Adam's Troubled Relationship, And Retirement Rumors“The Young and the Restless” icon and soap opera mega-star, Eric Braeden sits down with Michael Fairman to talk about Victor, Adam(Justin Hartley) and everything in between. He crushes rumors that Victor doesn’t love or abandoned Adam as a child and gives hints that the father and son may reconcile and put their differences aside. He states yet again that he has no plans to retire anytime in the next few years- at least.

Eric stated that Adam remembered feeling neglected by his rich father, but that is not exactly how it played out. He said that Hope (Signey Coleman) wanted to raise Adam away from Genoa City and away from him. She wanted him not to have much contact with his son, and he respected that. He said it is very upsetting that so many fans believe that he neglected his son, and he would never do that. Adam is a very hard child to love and support.

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He revealed when Victor found out that Adam was alive, he wanted to go to him immediately. He was not just looking forward to finding out the way to get his company out of danger, but to see his son. He said, “Adam has had every opportunity to be a respectable Newman, and he always screws it up. He is a bad seed.” He went on to say there is no proof that Victor has ever been a bad father. He said he has stayed to portray Victor so long because Victor has depth as a character. He loves his family and everything he does is to benefit his family legacy somehow.

He praised Peter Bergman by stating he is a wonderful actor. He said he is talented and is present in every scene and they are the perfect rivals and off-screen friends. “He puts 100% in every scene he shoots,” he said. Eric went on to say that daytime actors were some of the hardest-working actors out there. “If you ask any prime-time actor if they ever work as hard as we do- working sunrise to sunset at times, they will tell you no way,” Braeden said passionately.  Eric noted that Victor’s relationship with Adam is extremely complex, and when it comes down to it, Adam is his son. He held him as  a child in his arms.  He loved him since the moment he was born and had dreams for his future, but Adam has done things that caused him grief. It is a difficult thing to come to terms with for a father.

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Eric Braeden praised Chuck Pratt, Jr for his work on the show and said that he’s watched the show the past few months more than he has in decades. He said he is curious to see how it all pans out with Adam and his trial coming up. He said he is pleased with how the writers have handled the Adam reveal. Victor is drawn to his son, and wants to help him- if he can, but wants to make sure Adam pays for his wrongdoing, too.

Braeden also went on to say that Justin Hartley was an excellent recast and addition to the show. “Justin is a fabulous actor, person, and very witty. He makes me laugh in our scenes together,” he noted.

Eric also discussed his on-screen love interest and how he wished that the show would show more of the love and support Victor and Nikki had together.  They only show when Nikki wanted to complain about his domineering in their relationship. Braeden said that he and Mel (Melody Thomas Scott) are very grateful for the love and support from their fans and noted that he had no plans of retiring- not now or ever.

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  1. sandra says

    The show wouldn’t be worth watching with Eric .

  2. sandra says

    I ment to say the show wouldn’t be worth watching without Eric

  3. Jennifer W says

    It’s so obvious that Braeden had Michael Muhney fired. Muhney always said that Victor abandoned his son, which resulted in Adam’s bad feelings for his father & siblings. Of course, the two actors butted heads and Braeden demanded Muhney be sent packing. Of course, Justin Hartley knows what he’s dealing with and Braeden will tell the writers how the story will play out. Can’t stand Braeden and his massive ego, which is on full display here.

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