‘The Young and the Restless’ Trivia: How Well Do You Know YR’s Victor Newman?

'The Young and the Restless' Trivia: How Well Do You Know YR’s Victor Newman?

Eric Braeden has played Victor Newman on “The Young and the Restless” since the character debuted.  Victor was not slated to stay around for more than 8-10 weeks but the character was so well received they signed Eric to a contract.  Today Victor Newman is one of the best ruthless characters on Daytime TV and the soap world would not be the same without him.

How well do you know Victor Newman? We are going to test your knowledge on how well you know Victor.

Let us know how you do in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy tomorrow for the latest “The Young and the Restless” spoilers, rumors, updates, trivia, news and more!

Ready to get started? Have fun and don’t forget, let us know how you do!!

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  1. Genia McClinchey says

    I missed two of the ten questions. Have watched the Y&R for many years… but not from the very beginning. Even that is a lot of years!

  2. Penny Short says

    My favorite couple are sagw and nick
    ben and abby ,kevin and mariah and sharon and dylan.

    1. Ev says

      I missed 2 questions. I have been watching y & r from the beginning. Just love the show. But if Victor ever leaves I probably will stop watching. I even enjoying watching Victor, Nikki, Jill and Kay ( now deceased ) in some of the old westerns.

  3. Catherine miller says

    I got 7 right I thought I would get all of them

  4. robin collins says

    Love this show. Even gotten my dad watching this show ad bold and the beautiful. Since he retired. I love my dad. My mom watched it too before she died. I Love Stich,Nick,Cane,Luca,Michael,Devon,Victor, Paul,Nickki,Victoria, Sage,Sharon, really all of them I wish more would have children. Great great show guys ad gals. Who thought up the name ad writes for them ur sure r awesome

  5. Jasmine lee says

    I just started watching Y&R last year and so far so good and I liked the fact that Victor’s company is rebuilding but I also think that Vi1ctoria should give billy another chance to be with his family and children, he should spend Christmas with Johnny and Katie it wouldn’t be right for billyto be alone and Jack should have the decency to put his anger aside and try to make piece with Billy and both families should have a peaceful holly jolly Christmas


    1980.SINCE DAY #1

  7. Melissa says

    I got half right. I didn’t start watching until 1983.

  8. JanFran says

    Love Y&R Watch it everyday. Got 6 question right.

  9. Brian Edwards says

    I got 9 correct. Love Y&R. Watch everyday

    1. Angela says

      Gosh the only man I know that watches is my brother in law, would love to meet someone who would watch them with me, LOL!

  10. JOAN IVADELL says

    Got 70% correct. Intermittent watcher because of work and cable/time slot changes. Fav soaps Y&R and B&B. Watched Eric Braeden even when he was Hans Gudgast (probably got the spelling wrong).

  11. Jacqueline Benson says

    I got every question correct. I know Victor well.

  12. Judy says

    I love Victor Newman…Main reason I still watch is to see what he’s up too. When he leaves the show I’ll stop watching.OK maybe not everyday.lol

  13. Carolyn wilson says

    I love young and the restless and all the characters especially victor newman.

  14. Paula hagab says

    I got 6 right I didn’t start watching it every day untill about 7
    Years ago when I went on disability after having 2 hip replhip replacements and back surguries

  15. Colleen A. says

    I got 70% Considering that 3 years ago I was in a coma and only knew my first name, that’s not bad. I only started watching Y&R again since the 1980’s.

  16. Zainabu Abdulai says

    Love victor newman.So embarassed l got only half of the questions right,even though l’ve been walching since the mid 90s.I have been watching it in Africa and we were’nt getting it regularly,probably ,reason why l got half correct.But boy,l sure knows victor newman like l live with him.Instinctively,l can tell what he’s up to.A very romantic charistimatic character.

  17. Joyce says

    I did not get but 30 percent. I have been watching this show since I was 10 years old. I love Victor he is so handsome but I am ores of him winning all the time. This show needs some new writers.

  18. Juanita Matherly says

    I missed 3. Been watching since 1968 and Victor is one of my favorite characters

  19. Judy Linder says

    Got 3 wrong been watching since it debuted in 1973.

  20. Deborah O'Connor says

    I scored 7 out of 10. Started watching in the mid 80s and still hanging in there. Victor is one of my favourite characters.

  21. Julie Thauvette says

    I got 90%, I did not know the commercial one, I picked beer in Canada but it was zellers in Canada. Close but no cigar, lol

  22. Maria Oihcrepmoc says

    I too got some wrong been wa watching since 87

  23. Ann Raphael says

    Victor is the best. I’ve been watching Y&R since in the 80’s i miss some days

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