The Young and the Restless Spoilers Week Of May 4: Madness, Mayhem and Disappointment

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Week Of May 4: Madness, Mayhem and Disappointment
May sweeps are here for Y&r and along with the spoilers come rumors but if what we are hearing is true hold on to your seats SOSers because CBS’s Young and the Restless is going to be a wild ride this month.

Nicholas [Joshua Morrow] is not convinced Sharon [Sharon case] is not guilty of the murders she is being accused of. Sharon has become a thorn in Nick’s side and it would suit his purposes if she was locked up for a long time. Meanwhile Sharon’s daughter Mariah [Camryn Grimes] is so hurt and angry that Nick is not being supportive of her mother she verbally attacks him! Mariah is disgusted that he would even consider that Sharon is a killer!

Sharon’s son Noah [Robert Adamson] and Mariah know that someone is trying to frame Sharon. They have seen the evidence and they are determined to save Sharon. Since Nick will not help they both decide to enlist the help of Dylan [Steve Burton]. Dylan is Sharon’s only other advocate besides her Attorney Michael [Christian Le Blanc].

This week we will see crazy Kelly [Cady Mc Clain] continue to starve and drug Jack [Peter Bergman]. Because nothing says, I Love you more than beating, drugging and starving your man, right? Lets face it SOSers Kelly is on the crazy train and does not seem to be getting off anytime soon.

Poor Jack finds himself on the verge of insanity the abuse he is suffering is starting to take its toll. He tries to convince Kelly she can trust him but she is skeptical she wants him to prove his love. Jack finds himself going to a very dark side he did not know he had . He will do anything to get free of this crazy broad!

This week on Y&R something happens that puts Gabriel’s [Justin Hartley] true identity at risk of exposure. Gabriel is sticking his nose into everything the Abbott’s are involved in since he just can’t give up and let Victor win. This is starting to cause suspicious with the residents of Genoa City, why is Gabriel so invested? Gabriel is going to try harder than ever to get Chelsea back, but at the same time he knows she is not ready to know his true identity. If Chelsea finds out too early it could ruin everything.

Fenmore Baldwin [Max Ehrich] is back in town to help with the cabin Killer mystery. Y&R spoilers reveal the whole “cabin mystery” is supposed to take a different turn that will surprise viewers. Let’s hope so!

Kyle [Lachaln Buchanan] will witnesses Victor [Eric Braeden] chastising his dad [Flack]. Kyle is very concerned and confused and he wants answers to his questions.

Victor and Flack’s association is starting to spill over to the Cabin Killer mystery. Victor’s evil doppelgänger plan is starting to backfire on him. Flack is losing traction and is slipping up, he is finding it harder everyday to be someone else. Phyllis [Gina Tognoni] asks Flack an important question about the cave in and Flack cannot answer it. Phyllis starts suspecting there is something seriously wrong and uncovers something that could put her and her family in danger. Flack is walking on shaky ground with the almighty Moustache as he has now put Victor’s empire at risk and will reap his wrath.

Hilary [Mishael Morgan] and Devon [Bryton James] reconcile and Neil [Kristoff st John] is not a happy camper. Will Neil let bygones be bygones or will Neil try to extract revenge?

Michael Baldwin [Christian LeBlanc] is struggling with his decision to push his wife Lauren [Tracy E. Bregman] away. Poor Michael, he does not feel he is the man he was anymore and does not know who the man is who looking back at him in the mirror. The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Michael will continue to try to push Cane [Daniel Goddard] into his wife’s arms. Since Cane is married, if Michael is successful he will be at risk of ruining several lives! Since his diagnosis has Michael lost all sense of perspective?

This week on Y&R Dylan and Sharon grow closer as Dylan is determined to find out who is setting Sharon up! Dylan has his own personal relationship woes and Sharon is the understanding shoulder he turns to, and they will finally share a long overdue passionate kiss! It looks like it might be the end of Dylan and Avery and we will see a new couple. Keep on SOS for all your Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news!

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