‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers March 3: Kyle Killed Austin, Neil Causes an Accident, Nikki Runs Christine Down

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 3: Kyle Killed Austin, Neil Causes an Accident, Nikki Runs Christine Down

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the episode airing on March 3 promise that every Y&R soap fan will be on the edge of their seat for the full hour! The Young and the Restless crazy drama brings tragedy and action together as an accusation of murder combine with a drunken car accident to put Genoa City into panic mode.

Today’s episode opens with Neil [Kristoff St John] boozing at The Athletic Club bar. Lily [Cristal khalil] walks in and signals the bartender to cut him off. Neil looks around and notices and is far from pleased. Lily tells her dad he needs to stop his destructive behavior and that she will not sit by and let kill himself Neil replies,  “what are you going to have your old man thrown out?”

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 3: Kyle Killed Austin, Neil Causes an Accident, Nikki Runs Christine Down

Paul [Doug Davidson] and Christine [Laura Lee Bell] are chatting about the pregnancy when Nikki [Melody Thomas Scott] walks in. Nikki wants to talk to them about Phyllis’s charges, Christine sarcastically asks if Nikki is there to help the prosecution? Nikki explains that as much as she can’t stand Phyllis she believes she is innocent. Christine tells her they have nothing to talk about then but Paul wants to hear what Nikki has to says, perhaps Nikki has some insight.

Back to Nancy Drew mysteries Noah wants to know if there is any news, he really believes Kyle [Lachlan Buchanan] has his hand in this mess. Kevin [Gregg Rikarrt] tells the gang he had the blood the found on the cloth in Kyle’s car test at the station and now it’s the waiting game. Abby [Melissa Ordway] is appalled that Kevin did that, she feels Kyle is her cousin and would never do such a thing. Kevin replies, “some on the guy drove around with a bloody towel in his trunk that’s not normal.”

Whiny Summer [Hunter King] is still crying on Kyle’s shoulder. She asks him how he deals with loss. Kyle then asks if Abby has photos of Austin [Mathew Atkinson] on her phone for the memorial? Summer replies, all the photos are on Austin’s computer. Kyle suggests they take a look. Heather is still whining, sobbing and crying while they turn the computer on. A video of Austin comes up and he says “Where are you my beautiful wife”?

Back with Paul, Christine and Nikki, Paul asks Nikki why she believes Phyllis is innocent she starts to tell him when Christine butts in and asks if Phyllis is being blackmailed by her”! Nikki yells NO! Paul tells Nikki to go on. Niki says she does not believe Phyllis poisoned Kelly [Gina Tognoni], Nikki believes Phyllis has changed. Christine doesn’t believe her. Nikki says Phyllis saved her life at the Underground, she put Nikki’s life before her own. Christine says she hasn’t changes she always has an angle!

Back at the Athletic Club Lily wants Neil to come to her office where they can talk he says NO he is not interested in her nagging! Neil says sobriety only brought him pain, Lily asks him what about the kids, what about Moses? Neil resents her bringing them into this.

Just then Devon [Bryton James] walks in and he sees how Neil is talking to Lily. Devon tells Neil to stop taking his anger out on Lily. Neil says, “look what the cat dragged in the billionaire, the son of the year the arbiter of how to treat your family right, the man I use to call my son! ! !”

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 3: Kyle Killed Austin, Neil Causes an Accident, Nikki Runs Christine Down

Back to the Scooby Gang, Kyle and Summer are watching the video Austin made, just then there is a knock at the door, it’s Kevin and the gang! Kyle starts the video, Mariah is watching Abby’s face. Abby goes to turn the video off she says it’s enough emotional reflux for today. Summer says NO, she wants to see her husband again all of a sudden another video starts!

The video plays, “Austin made the video the day before Valentines 2015. “you are probably expecting roses and sonnets and you deserve all that. But what you really deserve is an apology you said I haven’t been myself lately and I agree. I need to tell you the truth..”  just then Summer walks in and interrupts asking him if he was packed for the cabin.”

Abby looks worried she says she has to go handle something she rushes out! ! Kevin asks Mariah what was that all about, he saw the looks between she and Abby.  Meanwhile, Summer is so babbling, she didn’t know Austin was still depressed bla bla..

Christine tells Nikki thanks, but no thanks Nikki has no idea what kind of evidence the prosecution has stacked against Phyllis. Paul comments that Nikki may have something and that they should hear her out. Christine wants no part of it.
Christine snaps at Paul says he is implying she is not objective. Niki leaves! Christine goes haywire!

Meanwhile, Lily tells Neil to take his anger out on Hillary! Neil asks Lily if Hilary hypnotized Devon..Neil then tells Lily you can’t even forgive your own husband and what Cane did is not comparable to what Devon did and you expect me to forgive Devon. Lily stomps off she is not watching Neil drink himself to death!

Devon apologizes to Neil again, Neil says nothing you say means anything, because you are no longer my son I’m finished with you! Devon doesn’t believe him, Neil continues on his anger tirade.

Neil wallowing in his bitterness and pain, asks Devon, “did you tell her you loved her, did you ask her to marry you ? Devon replies, “yes.” Neil says, “did you know she was married to me?” He keeps pouring and drinking, Devon keeps apologizing, it falls on deaf drunk ears. Neil finally tells Devon to go buy  liquor and drink until he becomes a drunk like his old man, Devon leaves….. Then Nikki walks in!

Summer asks Kyle if he is going to the memorial. She then leaves the room with Noah. Kevin quizzes Mariah about what is going on, Mariah says I dont think it was depression Austin was suffering from I think he felt guilty! Kevin asks what that means? Mariah turns the video back on and there is Abby blatantly flirting with Austin, she says about that! Summer walks in and sees Abby on the video she asks why did Austin have a video of Abby? Noah says I know why!

Abby is having memories of her and Austin, Abby telling him she can’t believe they had sex, Austin blaming himself, that Summer did nothing but love him. Abby says it cannot happen again and Austin agrees, then they start kissing again.  That vow did not last long!

Noah says the reason Austin was filming Abby was because Austin was doing a documentary. Summer still blubbering how she was as awful wife.

Kevin gets the blood results over the phone.  Kevin and Mariah head to the police station.

Abby still remembering Austin. She remembers when Austin told her he was ending it with Summer and she told him no she was ending it with him. Abby told Austin to go back to Summer and make himself worthy of her. Austin replied no she doesnt understand him! Abby is not liking the memories she is having. Kyle walks in and sees her look he says let me guess, you are thinking of Austin?

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 3: Kyle Killed Austin, Neil Causes an Accident, Nikki Runs Christine Down

Christine still freaking out having some kind of crazy melt down.  Christine accusing Paul of choosing Nikki over her, he always has yada yada! Paul can’t calm her!

Back at the Athletic Club Nikki tells Neil they need to go to AA, her family knows about her drinking and she sees it is all weighing on him as well. Neil asks if she wants asecond opinion ?

Devon is hurt by all of the rotten things Neil said to him, Lily said it’s the booze talking but what do you expect? Devon cannot believe Hilary played him. Lily still ragging on Devon how could you go crawling back to that vicious bitch after what you have done to dad?

Nikki tells Neil she has to prepare to go to her granddaughter’s husband’s memorial, Neil gives her his condolences. Niki asks him again would he go to a meeting with her, he can’t stay drunk.  She reminds him when they are drinking things can get out of control.  Neil still says he doesn’t want to go to the meeting, he is not going to be sober today! She offers to at least take him home because he cannot drive in the condition he is in and Neil agrees.

Summer still whining telling Noah she cannot go to the memorial it will be too much for her.  Over with Kyle, he tells Abby he knows about her affair with Austin. Abby is shocked. Kyle explains he was taking some time off and going to the Abbot Cabin and Kyle found evidence that Abby and Austin left behind. Kyle tells her he decided to hang around follow Abby to get confirmation. Abby asked what are you going to do with that information?

Back at the station Kevin got the results on the blood, he tells Mariah Kyle lied about the blood on the towel, it was not his blood! What is he hiding?

Summer still going on about the memorial she wants to know if Kyle and Noah are going. Noah tells her Austin would want her there.

Kyle then admits to Abby the person he told was Austin. They had a confrontation and it got physical..OMG Abby asks, “What did you do Kyle?, OMG you killed Austin!”  Kyle just looks at her.

Nikki and Neil are in the car driving. Neil is going on about how he wants to make Devon suffer like Devon made him suffer. Nikki agrees its reasonable that he would want Devon to suffer too, Neil then starts to look around and says, “Hey you’re not taking me to my place, I know what you are doing you are taking me to the AA meeting!!!!” Neil is livid!

Christine still griping and going berserk on Paul that once again Saint Nikki’s word is gospel to him that he always takes Nikki’s word against hers! She then says to Paul that since Dylan has come into the picture its unbearable!! Paul asks if she is asking him to turn his back on Dylan! Christine says you use to trust me, but you don’t anymore! Christine screams, if you don’t have faith in me we don’t have much of a marriage! she runs out hysterical!

Back to Neil and Nikki ,Neil yelling, “HELL NO, I told you I was not going to a meeting.” Niki says,  “I know I would have said the same thing Neil but this is what you need.” Neil going crazy, “GET ME OUT OF THIS CAR NOW!!!!” Nikki says, “do you know how often I wished someone had done this for me? you are my friend and I can’t watch you do this to yourself. I will take you home after the meeting.”

Neil says, “I have had it with you pull this car over now!” Neil takes his seat belt off and tells Nikki to pull over he is getting out. Nikki replies, “no we are going to a meeting.” Neil grabs the wheel and jerks it away from Nikki, the car loses control and they head to towards parked cars.  Christine is heading to her car and they hit her,  all you hear are squealing brakes!! YIKES!

What do you think SOSers, YR is on fire lately.  Action, action and more action!  Do you think Kyle killed Austin, or is Austin still alive.  Will Christine be killed or will she lose her baby?  Will Neil admit that he caused the accident?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.  Don’t forget to visit SOS daily for the best spoilers on the net!!

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  1. Rhond Perkins says

    I think Christine will lose the baby and i think Kyle hit Austin but i also think Austin might still be alive

    1. sos says

      I agree completely – I think Austin is alive too!

    2. Faye Taylor says

      Question, when Kyle left for NY, wasn’t he a grown man..
      And he came back, he like Noah, & Whinny
      Summer age…

      1. sos says

        Soaps age and de-age people how they want..

        1. EricaZ says

          Yes, they do…Julian Jerome on GH should be at least 70 years old, but was negative soras to fit in with Sonny and the gang…:)

  2. Rhetta Domingue says

    I don’t think Austin is alive, because Summer identified him at the morgue. And Kyle is just coming back on the show. I truly don’t think he killed him. They are going to use him for a new love for Summer. I would not be surprised if Christine gets killed. I don’t think the writers know what to do with her anymore. But back to Austin… I don’t understand what he was doing in a red car and who’s car is it? Apparently not for someone who was at the party. None are saying their car is missing, or even seem too concerned or puzzled that he was found when he supposedly was in a car accident. I think there is a LOT more there, where Abby is concerned. And for God sake, find a way to teach Summer to cry real tears. It’s agrivating to watch her keep dabbing or supposedly wiping her DRY eyes.

    1. sos says

      I swear I want to slap Summer when she starts crying that girl cannot cry she can only whine…. I think Austin might be alive remember summer say, “they did not even clean the blood off his head” what if she did not see his face.. She is such a dimwit

  3. EricaZ says

    P.S. Consider this: Could Christine be the major character that dies when she’s struck by Nikki’s vehicle? Poor Pauley would truly be caught between a rock and a hard place!

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