The Many Faces of Adam Newman – A Look at the Actors Who Played this Pivotal Role on Y&R – Vote For Your Favourite (POLL)

The Many Faces of Adam Newman – A Look at the Actors Who Played this Pivotal Role on Y&R - Vote For Your Favourite (POLL)Adam Newman has been a pivotal character on Young and the Restless since he came to Genoa City as an adult. He’s proved that he’s very much Victor Adam Newman Jr, his father’s child. He’s injected Botox into his eyes to fake blindness to get out of jail, had sex with a man to further his ambitions (even though he’s decidedly heterosexual) and tormenting his enemies (both real and perceived). Adam has been in and out of jail, an insane asylum and the beds of many beautiful women. This Y&R bad boy has permanently made his mark on the fans of all Y&R fans. Here’s a look at the three actors that have portrayed adult Adam Newman over the past eight years.

Chris Engen

The Many Faces of Adam Newman – A Look at the Actors Who Played this Pivotal Role on Y&R - Vote For Your Favourite (POLL)
Chris portrayed Adam Newman from February 2008 through June 2009, but back then Adam went by the surname Wilson rather than Newman. Engen was born October 25, 1979 in Apple Valley, California. In addition to acting, he’s a songwriter and musician. He had a recurring role on CSI:NY, As If and JJ Abram’s first hit TV show Felicity. Engen has also appeared in several movies including the Dirty Dancing sequel, the prequel to Easy Rider and Sasquatch Mountain among others.

After a little more than a year on Y&R, Engen chose to leave the show abruptly. There was speculation at the time that he didn’t like the new and darker path the show’s writers were crafting for Adam Newman. There were also rumors that Engen was uncomfortable with the same-sex story line between Adam and Rafe Torres. After being accused of being a homophobe, Engen spoke out and said that although he was raised a Catholic and attended Catholic school, he fully accepted homosexuality as a “quality of beingness” and said that “many of my dearest friends are homosexuals.”

Michael Muhney

The Many Faces of Adam Newman – A Look at the Actors Who Played this Pivotal Role on Y&R - Vote For Your Favourite (POLL)
Michael portrayed Adam Newman from June 2009 through January 2014 and his departure prompted major outrage by fans. Muhney was born June 12, 1975 in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to being a handsome and talented actor, he’s a smart guy. Muhney earned a theater degree from DePaul University, speaks German, knows American Sign Language (ASL) and is a member of genius society Mensa.

Aside from his role as Adam on Y&R, Muhney has had minor roles in a number of popular TV series including ER, JAG, Charmed and CSI:Miami. Prior to landing the Young and the Restless gig, Muhney was best known as Sheriff Don Lamb on the hit TV show Veronica Mars. Like Engen, Muhney’s departure from the Y&R came with controversy. He was fired after Hunter King (actress who plays Summer Newman) accused him of groping her breasts and told Y&R show runners that she would go to the police unless they fired him. They did but Muhney insists the incidences never happened.

What’s interesting is that Y&R producer Jill Farren Phelps didn’t fire Muhney right away. Instead, it was rumored that she tried to make Adam’s character as detestable as possible so that it might not upset fans so much when they fired him. In reality, Muhney says he went to Phelps on several occasions and threatened to quit or have her fire him over some issues he had with how Adam was being written. Instead, Phelps rode out his contract and fired him just before he would have left anyway. Her plot (like so many soap plots) didn’t work and fans were still outraged and threatened to boycott Y&R.

Justin Hartley

The Many Faces of Adam Newman – A Look at the Actors Who Played this Pivotal Role on Y&R - Vote For Your Favourite (POLL)
Justin took on the role of Adam Newman 10 month after Muhney’s departure when the writers decided to revive the character. Hartley was born January 29, 1977 in Knoxville, TN. He was married to fellow soap actress Lindsay Hartley and they have one child, a daughter named Isabella, but split last year. Hartley was a jock in high school playing many sports and maintains an avid interest in baseball and basketball.

Hartley is the most prolific actor of the three that have portrayed Adam Newman. He’s known for sizable featured roles on Smallville, Mistresses, Revenge, Emily Owens MD and Smallville. On Y&R, Hartley is currently playing Adam Newman/Gabriel Bingham. The real Gabriel drowned saving Adam from a car fire and he took on his persona since both Adam and Gabriel had a vested interest in getting revenge on Victor Newman.

Although many fans were stunned and upset over the loss of Michael Muhney, it seems that they’re impressed with how adeptly Justin Hartley has stepped into the role and embodied the dastardly character of Adam Newman. Which actor was your favorite Adam Newman? Were you a die-hard Muhney fan, was Engen more to your taste or are you all into Hartley?

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  1. Shelly says

    Good grief, it’s not even close. Michael Muhney by a mile. The other guys are OK, but Muhney defined the character. Hartley is lucky to be following him because the character was established by Muhney’s talent.

  2. Martha K says

    Michael was the best Adam N! However Justin is making the charcter his own. Having to play as Gabriel at times and only letting Adam out around Jack and Sage is really helping him bring Adam back to life.

    1. sos says

      I like Justin Hartley too. MM was hard to replace but Justin is doing a good job making the role his own!

  3. TAS says

    NO ONE can play Adam Newman as great as Michael Muhney!!
    Michael did it unlike anyone! TRULY MISSED

  4. Taylor says

    michael is number 1 as far as I am concerned. Justin is doing a nice job but I sure do miss Michael.

  5. CourtneyLynne says

    such a good actor!! Of course he cannot be replaced;-) will be missed 🙂

  6. Darlene says

    Michael Muhney is Adam Newman. No one else! Michael made the role his own and loved acting the role. Michael CREATED
    Adam Newman. Michael had many future plans for Adam Newman but those were cut short by Jill Farren Phelps who makes sure she lets the good actors go and replaces them with her friends. Her cronyism is widely known about in the soap industry.

  7. Meloni says

    Michael Muhney was a fabulous “Adam Newman”!! When I read that he was let go because of his alleged antics behind the scenes with the actress that plays “Summer” on the show, I was so disappointed. I felt like it was a dumb decision to let him go and allow her to stay. He’s a much more talented actor!!

    This new “Adam/Gabrielle” isn’t bad though. He was a good choice to replace M.M., but this new guy doesn’t have the same awkwardness with his scenes with the character of “Victor”. However, I believe that his future scenes with “Victor” will get better in time. I look forward to those father and son scenes.

  8. Kari says

    MM was the best Adam and Y&R should be ashamed of themself.

  9. jo says

    Michael Muhney was the best Adam!!! But Justin is also good.

  10. Nan says

    I also think Michael was the best. And so does it seem everyone else does.
    Nobody comes close. Not happy with the producers or whomever is doing all this stuff , changes . Seems Hunter should have been let go also. But she is a horrible horrible actress. Can’t believe she is on and Michael gone. Most of late the actors that have left are pretty much irreplaceable.
    However out of them this justin id doing pretty good. Making the character himself. But michael by all means is tops. Would love to see him back. Billy is extremely boring and no chemistry. I’m on a roll Sorry! Michelle.(phyliss is irreplacable also. And if you let victor (Eric leave) you will lose huge fan base of 30 years of viewer!!

  11. Lorie says

    Ok, MIchael Muhney is missed greatly and should be playing the Adam Newman role; however Justin Harley is doing a fine job joggling both roles i.e. Adam and Gabe and quiet the eye candy. It would have been great if they would have brought Michael back as Adam and brought Justin on as his own new character. That’s in a perfect world where sony and CBS would have really placed value on their audience wants and needs. I do love the new Phyllis- Gina is doing a fantastic job of reviving the role. Billy- well ,,,the new Billy seems to be getting a little more comfortable, not as stiff but they do need give him a better haircut, sorry, just trying to be helpful, but no one will replace Billy Miller- HE WAS BILLY. I even tried to watch General Hospital for 3 weeks recently everyday hoping I would catch the bug for it because of Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford playing Jake and Nina. Terribly boring,,,,,, 3 weeks is all I could do. Ok, got that off my chest. Have a great day and keep smiling.

  12. Angela says

    Michael is a pervert, I liked Chris but Justin is Adam!

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