‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Is Adam Newman Innocent – Sage Guilty of Killing Delia?

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Is Adam Newman Innocent - Sage Guilty of Killing Delia?

In October 2013 Chloe [Elizabeth Hendrickson]  and Billy Abbott’s [Burgess Jenkins] daughter Delia Abbot [Sophie Pollono] was killed by a hit-and-run driver.  Adam Newman [Justin Harley] was driving on the same road the night Delia was killed and Adam was thought to be the killer.  The death of Delia set off a lengthy and convoluted storyline in motion that affected many of the residents of Genoa City.

But fans have been doubtful of Adam’s guilt since the get go, so we came up with a theory.  What if Sage Warner [Kelly Sullivan] is the real killer of Chloe and Billy’s daughter Delia. There are just too many coincidences and the evidence is piling up against Sage. Why did Sage really help Adam Newman [Justin Hartley]?  Sage claims it is because of the inheritance she wants, BUT it would also behoove her to keep her enemy close to her.

From the very beginning I’ve had questions regarding Adam hitting Delia..the scarf in the grill of his SUV could have blown into the grill while he was driving. Yes, he was on that dark road that night but I believe after Delia was already run down.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Is Adam Newman Innocent - Sage Guilty of Killing Delia? In scenes we saw a blonde woman driving on the same road where Delia was killed the same night. Yes Sage is dark haired now, but I believe she dyed her hair after she ran Delia over. The first time we saw Sage she looked like a monk, what was that about? Hiding her hair color?

Have you noticed Sage is getting blonder everyday, back to her real hair color! Sage was also the mastermind behind the whole scam making Constance believe Adam was her Grandson Gabriel.

Does Sage feel guilt for what she has done? I believe she does but not enough to come forward. She is using Adam as much as Adam is using her. Sage needs to keep Adam close and remind him of the terrible act “he” committed. (running over Delia)

Sage is shady, she came into the picture looking like a monk and now she is half-naked every time Nick Newman [Joshua Morrow] is around. She has a past and it’s dark, she is  able to go toe-to-toe with the great Adam Newman as if it’s second nature to her. Nothing seems to scare Sage or intimidate her. I didn’t really see any real tears from Sage when Constance died, she got over her death the next day.  Not much of a mourning period.


Why was Sage at Delia’s roadside memorial while Billy and Chelsea [Melissa Claire Newman] grieved their loss?  Sage look very guilty, that seemed very odd, presumably she did not know Delia! Why did Sage get so emotional when seeing Conner’s little stuffed bear? Sage made up a story about not being able to conceive.  I’m sure that claim was made up.

Sage is starting to bond with people in Genoa City and she is starting to have a tiny bit of a conscience, but not enough to go to prison for what she did.  Sage believes it’s easier to make Adam believe he hit Delia, he can stay Gabriel Bingham and she can have a new life.

If Sage tells anyone about Adam then Adam could possibly go to prison and he would be out of her hair, Sage is torn because she wants to get her hands on that inheritance before she gives Adam up!

What do you think of my theory SOSers?  Is Adam innocent?  Is Sage the real killer?  Hit the comments and let us know what you are thinking!

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  1. Greener says

    I like the theory of Sage being the hit and run driver… that would be a good twist.

  2. Meg says

    roll eyes ,Sage was at the site b/c she was looking for Adam ,that is all .she was afraid he was going to blow it. she was phoning Adam while she was at the site .leaving him a voice message .asking him where he was when she didn’t find him there. of course she lied to Chelsea who thought she was paparazzi and Billy about why shee was there .she was not going to tell them that she was looking for someone there.ADAM,! Adam did show up there after they all left .he told Dee how sorry he was .and told her about Connor.No SAGE did not hit Dee ,nor did ADAM , The reason thee scarf was on Adam’s car is b/c he drove over her witch hat, Dee dropped the hat and left it on the road, the hat had the scarf tied to it.Bill found the hat.with no scarf ,b/c it was on Adam’s car , THE HAT WAS NO WHERE NEAR DEE AFTER SHE DROPPED IT NEAR BILLS CAR ,SHE KEPT RUNNING AFTER THE DOG.The bloude woman was NIKKI.who was driving down the road crying b/c of IAN N DYLAN.Victors found a eye witness who told him that he seen Adam swerve so he would not hit the dog,seen him stop.get out .look around,when he saw nothing get back in and drive off,the witness did not see him hit Dee,so Adam did not hit Dee ,and it does not make sense that Sage did.it. It’s .just grabbing at straws,

  3. jan clary says

    I don’t think it will come out as Sage being the one who killed Delia, I believe it will come out that it was Kelly who ran over her. Adam did not do it. I can’t wait for it to come out that Gabriel is really Adam!! I hope he and Chelsea get back together, they are so good for each other. I really hate it that she is with Billy! I also really like the guy who took over as Gabriel/Adam. I did not think anyone could replace Michael Mulney, but he is really doing a great job!! Also like Gina T playing Phyllis. Just don’t care for the guy who plays Billy. Don’t care for his acting at all. jmo

  4. shirley m tucker says

    I don’t believe Adams hit billy daughter. he is to good for that. I hope they find the real killer soon

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