The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Adam Newman’s History and Future Explained – Michael Muhney and Beyond

The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Adam Newman’s History and Future Explained - Michael Muhney and Beyond

Once the role of Victor Adam Newman Jr. was aged it was portrayed by Chris Engen from 2008-2009, Michael Muhney from 2009 – 2014 and current by Justin Hartley.

Adam Newman has certainly come along way from his time he spent on a Kansas farm being raised by his mother Hope Wilson [Signey Coleman] and step father Cliff Wilson.

Adam’s biological father is Victor Newman [Eric Braeden], but Adam did not become aware that Victor was his real dad until his mother Hope’s passing in 2008.

A graduate of Harvard Business school, Victor gave Adam a job at Newman Enterprises along side his half siblings, Victoria and Nicolas. For a while, Victor paid a lot of attention to his new son, this did not go over with his siblings Victoria [Amelia Heinle], Nicholas [Joshua Morrow] and Abby [Melissa Ordway].

Adam and Victor’s relationship took a downward spiral after Adam briefly took control of Newman Enterprises when Victor went missing. On his return, Victor fired his son and threw him out of the Ranch.

Adam and Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman] teamed up to try and bring down Victor. Both men were seeking revenge. Adam was also engaged to Assistant DA Heather Steven. When she discovered Adam’s plot, she broke the engagement off and the couple split. Adam was also sent to jail for his plot against his father.

When Adam was in prison, he started to have issues with his eyesight. When Victor became aware of this, he feared his son would be totally blind just like his mother Hope was. Victor was able to get Adam out of jail and on house-arrest under his guidance.

While living with his father and his new wife Ashley [Eileen Davidson], Adam began injecting his eyes with Botox to simulate blindness. He than began gas-lighting a pregnant Ashley and caused her to have a miscarriage. Unaware of what happened, Ashley continued her sudo pregnancy right up to delivery. Adam stole Sharon Newman’s [Sharon Case] new born baby girl Faith and gave the baby to Ashley. In the end, the baby was returned to Sharon and Nick and Ashley and Victor were left grieving.

Sharon felt bad for Adam and the two formed a friendship that turned into marriage. But when the baby switch came to light, Sharon still forgave Adam.

With many of Genoa City’s residents angry with Adam, a group was formed by mostly the Newmans and Abbotts to finally make Adam pay. Adam escaped and headed to Brazil where he hooked back up with his former girlfriend Skye Lockhart.

When Adam returned to GC, he was placed Fairview mental hospital where he mentally tortured an already distributed Patti Williams.

When Adam was finally released, he and Skye married. Together they created a hedge fund called the Newman Fund.

Adam had another run in with Sharon when he saved Faith’s life. She was thankful that he saved her little girl. By this time, Adam had enough of Skye. He took the money from the Newman Fund and left Genoa City. Sharon found Adam and convinced him to return. Adam and Skye divorced and Adam and Sharon continued their romance.

Adam was framed by Victor for the ‘death’ of Skye and went to jail again. Victor had sent Skye to Hawaii. This time Sharon went to Hawaii found Skye alive, but was tragically killed when she fell into a volcano.  So there was not proof that Skye was alive and had died in Hawaii.  Jack and Phyllis were able to find proof that Adam did not kill Skye. He was released from prison.

Soon after, Adam realized that Sharon moved on to his father Victor and Sharon married Victor. He was then rejected by Victor, Jack and Sharon. This lead him to forge a new friendship with a pregnant Chelsea Lawson [Melissa Claire Egan]. The friendship turned romantic and the two were married in Kansas.

Returning to Genoa City Adam and Chelsea soon found out they were expecting their first child. They also started a company Tag n’ Go with Kevin and Chloe Fisher. Unfortunately the good times didn’t last long when Chelsea suffered a miscarriage. Adam turned to Sharon for support and the couple divorced.

Shortly after, Chelsea learned she was pregnant again, but was afraid to tell Adam the truth. She pretended the father was a one night stand. The truth was finally revealed after Chelsea gave birth to the baby boy Connor.

Adam crashed his father’s wedding to Nikki and took a bullet meant for his father, Adam was in grave condition.  When Adam got better he and Adam decided to try to mend their relationship.

Adam and Chelsea decided to put their baby first and live together to raise their child together. They both realized they still loved each other and decided to give their relationship another chance.

Baby Connor was diagnosed with a rare eye condition that he needed a cornea transplant soon. A devastated Adam drove home from the eye doctor appointment and presumably hit little Delia Abbott with his car when he swerved to miss her dog. Adam did not realize this until the news of Delia’s death hit the news. He tried to cover it up by burning her scarf he found around his tire. But he also felt extreme guilt and remorse. He never turned himself in, but made a full video tape confession.

Delia’s Chloe [Elizabeth Hendrickson] and Billy Abbot [Burgess Jenkins] parents decided to donate her corneas to Connor. Adam was extremely happy is son would have his eye sight. He started a non-Profit fund in Delia’s memory.

A few months passed when Delia’s father Billy put all the pieces of information together and knew Adam was the hit and run driver. Adam and Chelsea also remarried and wanted to start a new phase of their life with Connor in Paris. On the evening they were set to leave GC, Billy took Adam by gun point and made him confess to hitting Delia. When Adam did, Billy had Adam drive during a bad snow storm. The car slide off the road, the gun fired and the car landed in a ravine. Billy managed to escape, but Adam’s body was not found for months. He was presumed dead. Chelsea was devastated and saw the video confession Adam made to Delia’s hit and run. Now, everyone thinks Adam killed Delia and is now dead himself.

Months later, we see hands of a man watching Chelsea and Connor from a spy camera planted in Connor’s nursery. Finally, a bandaged man face appears. He has had extensive surgeries for his many wounds and plastic surgery to cover his disfigured face. This man no longer looks like Adam Newman, but rather Gabriel ‘Bingo’ Bingham.

Fast forward, we find out Adam survived the accident after being shot by Billy. A passerby and his wife Gabriel and Sage Bingham [Kelly Sullivan] came upon the accident scene. Unfortunately, Gabriel was killed when an explosion occurred as he was trying to save Adam. Sage knew Gabriel’s grandmother Constance would be upset that her grandson was killed, so she made-believe Gabriel survived and Adam died. Sage gave the plastic surgeons pictures of Gabe so that Adam would look just him. It worked, after the bandages were removed, Adam now looked like Gabriel Bingham. This meant he would also have to take over Gabriel’s life. Adam with Sage’s help, devised a plan to get him back to his real wife Chelsea and son Connor as soon as possible. But first he needed to be married to Sage for two years so they can collect the hefty inheritance Constance left her grandson upon her recent death,.

Gabriel needed more help in getting back his old life. He revealed himself to his old friend Jack Abbott. Adam basically had to threaten Jack to give him a job at Jabot so he could be close to Chelsea who also works there. Billy and Chelsea are now in a committed relationship sharing the Penthouse and raising her and Adam’s son Conner.

Adam is getting to know the couple posing as Gabriel. He even moved into the Penthouse right next to them. Adam’s plan is to have Chelsea fall in love with him all over again. He’ll than reveal himself as her husband and father of their child. With Adam’s plan in motion, can he really win Chelsea back and rip her out of Billy’s arms? Let’s hope soon, to be continued…..

The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Adam Newman’s History and Future Explained - Michael Muhney and Beyond

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