The Young and the Restless Spoilers Feb 26: Lily Throws Cane Out, Hilary’s Revenge, Victor Schemes with Mystery Person

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Feb 26: Lily Throws Cane Out, Hilary's Revenge, Victor Schemes with Mystery Person

The Young and the Restless continues to be one of the best Daytime dramas on television. This week in Genoa City the residents are dealing with deceit, betrayal and heartache and every episode is one that should not be missed. We have managed to get our hands on a detailed recap of what is going down on the February 26, 2015 episode.

This week the scenes between Victor [Eric Braeden] and Jack [Peter Bergman] are reminiscent of the 1993 movie, “Grumpy Old Men,” and Feb 26 episode of YR is no exception. The episode opens with Victor standing over Jack holding a pillow. Jack wakes up and yells, “What the hell are you doing.” Victor says “I thought I would put you out of your misery.” These two veteran actors are just fabulous the way they play off each other.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Feb 26: Lily Throws Cane Out, Hilary's Revenge, Victor Schemes with Mystery Person

At the Abbott Cabin, the Scooby Doo gang are still arguing over the opening of Kyle’s car trunk, Kevin [Gregg Rikaart] decides he is going to do the deed and gets ready to open the trunk.

Meanwhile, Abby [Melissa Ordway] who is at the hospital tells Kyle [Lachlan Buchanan] he should have called her if he was coming to Genoa City. Kyle tells her the story of how he ended up in the ravine because of the bad snowstorm. Abby is suspicious how could Kyle have been in a storm, fell down a ravine and not have a scratch on him? Hmmmm

Back at the Abbot Cabin, Kevin opens the trunk and BIG SURPRISE, NO BODY but there is a flashlight, and normal car things. Mariah [Camryn Grimes] who provides comic relief says, “did anyone else think we would find Austin [ Mathew Atkinson] in that trunk?” Summer in her whiny pants voice replies, “Kyle would never hurt Austin Kyle is a good guy!” Does everyone else want to slap some sense into this girl?
But wait, back to the truck, Quelle Surprise…. there is something in the trunk, Kevin finds a gasp…white cloth with blood on it!!

Back with the survivors of the airplane crash, Jill [Jess Walton], Colin [Tristan Rogers], Lilly [Cristal Khalil] and Cane [Daniel Goddard] get back home to Jill’s place and Esther [Kate Linder] is beyond happy. Esther wants to know where Devon [Bryton James] and Hillary [Mishael Morgan] are, Lily goes into Mr. Freeze mode. She totally ignores the question and Lily says she’s going to check on the twins. Lily is still furious with everyone for lying to her!

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Feb 26: Lily Throws Cane Out, Hilary's Revenge, Victor Schemes with Mystery Person

At the hospital Devon sits at Hillary’s bedside, she is in bad shape she almost died, Neil is peaking through door wanting to see how she is and being pretty snarky. Devon asks him to put the attitude on hold. Devon thanks Neil for saving them. Neil says thank Hilary I would have left you all to freeze to death if it wasn’t for her.

Back with the two grumpy old men, Jack tells Victor he just wants to hurry up and get better so that he can be with Phyllis. Victor the snake says, “The way you have been babbling in your sleep you would think it was Kelly you wanted to get back to.” Victor then tells Jack the next time he’s talking in his sleep he is going to record it and give it to Phyllis! Jack defends himself and says if he did mention Kelly’s name it’s because of all of the manipulating and chaos she has caused for Phyllis.

Victor not one to stop says, “We are alone now you can drop the charade, you left out the most important information to Phyllis that you had sex with Phyllis before The Underground collapse!” Jack replies, “My personal life is none of your business!” Victor correctly replies, “That does not sound like a denial to me Jack Abbott!” hmmm does this mean Jack is having memories of the “deed.”

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Feb 26: Lily Throws Cane Out, Hilary's Revenge, Victor Schemes with Mystery Person

Back at Hilary’s room Hilary wakes up and thanks Neil for helping everyone through she said she is sure everyone hates her now. The nurse gave Neil Hilary’s wedding rings Neil asks Hilary if she would like him to put them on her finger? Devon interrupts and says you don’t have to do this, Neil throws the rings and takes out a single ring he says maybe you would like to wear this ring from my dishonorable son? Neil throws the ring at Devon and says I bet you never thought I would see this ring, may it be as memorable as Hilary’s wedding rings were!

Esther brings Cane and Lily their Valentines cards the kids made for them. Lily the shining star of hope that she is says “I need to figure out a way to tell Maddie and Charlie daddy’s not living with us anymore.” Cane begs Lily to forgive him and not to break up their family, Collin and Jill defend Cane but DIMWIT Lily tells Cane she wants him gone now. Cane apologizes and leaves. Jill asks Lily if she has learned nothing from the tragedy? Jill cannot believe Lily is such an unforgiving self-righteous person.

Back at the hospital Victor and Jack continue to argue. Jack feels Victor is doing everything he can to come between Jack and Phyllis! Victor tells Jack Phyllis needs him because they are building a case against Kelly, like it or not they will have to be allies for a short time.

At the Abbott Cabin Noah wants to call Courtney [Kelly Gross] but Mariah is worried because Courtney is a cop ( she sure wasn’t worried last week when she had her lie with them) Kevin speculates that Kyle moved Austin’s body? Noah says and if he did not move it?

Abby come to see Victor and has brought Kyle along. Kyle thanks Victor fro saving his dad’s life. Jack is surprised to see Kyle and asks him what is going on? Victor gets up to leave and Kyle apologizes for what happened when he worked at Newman Enterprises. Kyle claims he has grown up.

Kyle tells is Dad, Jack he came for Abby Valentine’s Day party and hoped to meet Summer’s husband but with Austin missing it looks like it was not going to happen.

The Scooby gang is at the hospital Abby says you all look stressed. Noah tells Abby he thinks Kyle did something with Austin’s body. Kevin pulls out the bloody cloth. Einstein Abby says a bloody cloth is not compelling evidence! Mariah says it’s weird that Kyle showed up right after Austin turned up missing. Abby says Kyle claimed he fell on the ice but did not have a scratch on him. Where is Nancy Drew when you need her?

Colin sees Cane drinking at the bar, Cane is devastated and believes Lily when she says their marriage is over. The more Cane drinks, the madder he gets at the situation.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Feb 26: Lily Throws Cane Out, Hilary's Revenge, Victor Schemes with Mystery Person

Jill tries to talk some sense into Lily, they end up fighting Jill is so frustrated with her bull headedness. Jill tells her Cane loves you with every thing in him! Jill tells her how sick he was when he couldn’t find her at the wreckage Lily says that does not negate his lies. Jill says love can overcome anything Lily says “tell that to my father.”

Back at Hilary’s room Neil tells her he is going to pack all of her things and have them sent to The Athletic Club, Devon says she almost died do you really have to do this now? Neil says he is only there to do the Insurance paperwork then he leaves.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Feb 26: Lily Throws Cane Out, Hilary's Revenge, Victor Schemes with Mystery Person

Devon tells Hillary they should leave town, he doesn’t like flaunting their relationship in Neil’s face. Hilary says he would be leaving a lot behind, she feels terrible, she knows Neil hates her she can see it in his eyes. Devon says Lily will never let him see the twins again there is nothing left here, he says they need to go. Hilary said she feels horrible about how Neil feels about his own son. Hilary blames herself. She is distraught. Devon tells her he loves her and is standing by her!

Meanwhile Victor calls someone and says, “I need to see you right a way”…is he calling fatal attraction Kelly [Cady McClain]?

Victor comes back to the room and tells Jack he should be proud of his boy, he learned a lot while in New York working. Jack cannot believe Victor has been spying on Kyle. Jack has had it with Victor’s meddling. Jack warns Victor to stay out of his personal life. Is anyone else suspicious there is something going on with Victor and Kyle?

Victor tells Jack he has a proposition for him. He explains that the town is big enough for the both of them, they don’t have to go fishing or on camping. They can remain enemies but friendly enemies.

Kyle goes to see the Scooby doo gang and thanks them for bringing his car back. Noah asks him why he lied about being at the cabin, Noah saw Kyle, Kyle claims Noah is wrong.

Neil goes to see Hillary he tells her the papers are done he is leaving now. Hillary says I want to tell you something. “That woman who came into town hell bent on revenge, that girl who did such despicable things to you and your family? That is who I am and who I will always be.”

Neil does not believe it but Hilary goes on and says, “I came in to town to take the man down who destroyed my family, I have never lost sight of that.” She laughs and says, “Mission Accomplished!” Neil cannot believe what he is hearing!

Back at the hospital Kyle asks the gang why they searched his car. He then explains the bloody cloth by saying he had a boxing lesson before he left to come and got a bloody nose. Kyle feels the gang is accusing him of being involved in Austin’s disappearance.

Lily tells Jill maybe she should listen to Cane’s side of things. Did hell just freeze over? Jill calls Colin and tells him to get Cane, Lily is ready to forgive! Colin says at this point I don’t think Lily’s willingness to forgive is important here. Cane is pretty drunk and furious.

Back at Hilary’s hospital room Hilary continues her rant, “ha ha ha all I had to do was make you think I was falling in love with you and you ate it up like a fat kid in a candy store.” Unbeknownst to Neil and Hilary, Devon was listening at the door in shock.

Neil says our whole life was a scam? Hillary says “I would not say that, just call it revenge. You hurt me and I figured the best way to hurt you was to seduce your son into my bed. I could never love you or Devon after what you did to my mother!”

Back at the hospital Jack goes through his phone contacts and deletes Kelly’s number he is trying to wipe away any memory of that nut!

Meanwhile, Victor is at the Hospital chapel he meets with someone there, he says, “Thank you for coming, our plan is working like a charm”. We do not see who he is talking to…..  WOWSER!!!

What do you think SOSers?  This was another great episode!  Do you buy the Hilary revenge claims or do you think she is just trying to get Neil and Devon back together?  Do you think Victor and Kyle are in Cahoots?  Who do you think Victor is plotting with?  Hit the comments and let us know what you are thinking!

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