‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers April 29: Victor Knows Gabe’s An Imposter, Billy Cancels Wedding Knowing Chelsea Cheated, Kelly Tells Jack Phyllis is Dead

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers April 29: Victor Knows Gabe's An Imposter, Billy Cancels Wedding Knowing Chelsea Cheated, Kelly Tells Jack Phyllis is Dead

The Young and the Restless spoilers for April 29, 2015 reveal that a planned Genoa City wedding will face an insurmountable obstacle. Billy will learn that Chelsea betrayed him and Gabe will try to convince Chelsea Billy is not the man for her.  Victor and Adam will continue to play cat and mouse.  Kelly will move ahead with her plan to have Jack be with her forever.

The April 29th episode of Y&R opens with Victor [Eric Braeden] telling Summer [Hunter King] with all the drama surrounding Austin’s death she has handled herself with grace, she tells Victor Kyle [Lachlan Buchanan] has helped her.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers April 29: Victor Knows Gabe's An Imposter, Billy Cancels Wedding Knowing Chelsea Cheated, Kelly Tells Jack Phyllis is Dead

Victor’s phone rings it is Kelly [Cady McClain] he tells her she was not suppose to call. She informs him his delivery arrived and he tells her he hopes it was sufficient to control the situation. Kelly informs Victor Jack is stronger than he thought but this should do the trick.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers April 29: Victor Knows Gabe's An Imposter, Billy Cancels Wedding Knowing Chelsea Cheated, Kelly Tells Jack Phyllis is Dead

Kelly has an envelope in her hand and Real Jack [Peter Bergman] is struggling in the bed and turns around Billy [Burgess Jenkins] is there. Billy says, “My God what the hell, who did this to you.” Jack says, “Kelly did with Victor’s help” Billy starts untying him. Jack says, “Get me free before she gets back!” Then we hear a voice it is Kelly and she says, “I am back!” Jack says, “Billy?” Kelly tells him Billy is not there he must be dreaming. Jack says it is not all a dream Billy is looking for him and so is Phyllis but Kelly assures him no one is coming for him because he is DEAD!

Flack asks Gabe/Adam [Justin Hartley] what he said and Gabe/Adam says, “Wait you are right I should not be carrying on about that with other people in the house. Making a deal with Victor, that was not part of the plan that is what has me going, ruining him!” Fake Jack replies tentatively, “Oh yes, the plan.”

Anita comes to Chelsea’s apartment and Billy and Chelsea tell her they are getting married that night.

Real Jack says he feels like he is dead but he is not, but Kelly tells him the rest of the world heard he went on a boat ride and the boat capsized and he is dead. Kelly tells Jack Phyllis [Gina Tognoni] is dead her body was recovered. Real Jack does not believe her.

Billy found a justice of peace that is going to marry them that night. Chelsea’s Mom asks, “What about the big wedding that my daughter wants?” Chelsea’s mother thinks then says, “Oh you have no money for it.”

Billy leaves to pack and Chelsea’s Mom asks if she is sure or is she trying to run away from Gabriel Bingham. Chelsea assures her she loves Billy and wants to marry him.

Gabe/Adam warns Flack that Victor is going to take everything from him. Gabe/Adam leaves and Flack calls Victor. Victor tells him he is in no mood for bad news. Flack cheerfully tells him his day is about to improve.

Kyle prepared a special date for Summer and he kisses her but tells her he is going to take it slow, he is patient. He has champagne and asks her to toast but she is not legal.

Chelsea and Billy are getting married in one hour with the justice of the peace.

Gabe/Adam comes to Chelsea’s house and Anita tells him she is not there. She tells him he blew it with Chelsea and her and Billy are getting married right now. He wants to know where they are. Anita does not want to tell him but Gabe/Adam lies to her that Billy convinced Chelsea to quit and Jack and Victor are going to sue her for everything even for the apartment. To make sure she believes him he tells her Jack just fired his brother they mean business.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers April 29: Victor Knows Gabe's An Imposter, Billy Cancels Wedding Knowing Chelsea Cheated, Kelly Tells Jack Phyllis is Dead

Flack is at Victor’s house and asks what he knows about Gabriel Bingham. Victor says he knows what he needs to know – he is expendable. Flack tells him, “I would not get rid of him just yet. Jack knows something you don’t which explains the Real Jack’s personal interest in Gabriel. Mr. Bingham is not what he appears to be.” Victor is shocked!

Kyle tells Summer it is possible that his Dad had a change of heart but it is possible he has not. Kyle says the price of Jabot stock has gone through the roof since the announcement so he is okay with it. Summer is a bit uncomfortable with how much money Kyle has spent on their date and then he tells her there is more and hands her a jewelry box.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers April 29: Victor Knows Gabe's An Imposter, Billy Cancels Wedding Knowing Chelsea Cheated, Kelly Tells Jack Phyllis is Dead

Victor tells Flack “I am aware Gabriel Bingham harbors a resentment towards me about his father. But I feel NO guilt about it. I guess Gabriel wants to avenge his father’s death.” Flack says, “Now that is the curious part see Gabriel is not a real Bingham.” Victor replies, “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT????” Flack, “His words to me. I am no a real Bingham. I don’t think he was speaking metaphorically.” Victor, “What else did he say that is speculation?” Flack, “No it is instinct Gabriel thought he was having a conversation with his old buddy Jack.” Victor, “THEN WHO THE HELL IS HE??”

Real Jack tells Kelly hers are the desperate actions of a desperate woman. Kelly goes on, “I did all this for you I want our beautiful life back. You are just going to have to accept it,Phyllis is dead and I can prove it.”

Chelsea is thoughtful and Billy tells her Adam is in the past and he and Chelsea are the present. He promises to be open and honest with her moving forward and she agrees to do the same.

Summer asks Kyle if he misses playing hockey – he is surprised by the question and says he makes a lot more money now, he has different goals and tells her to open the box. In the box is a diamond and Sapphire necklace. Summer says, “It must have cost you a fortune. I cannot accept it. You really do not know me at all!”

Fake Jack tells Kelly Phyllis cannot be dead. Kelly shows him a paper and on the paper it is written that Phyllis is dead and they are still looking for him. Jack laughs and says this is the same paper you gave me to show you were dead. Another scam. Kelly take out an envelope full of articles saying Phyllis is dead and starts reading to Jack. Jack tells Kelly, “To leave him in peace to leave him alone.” Kelly says, “That is the final stage of grief, Phyllis is dead. It is just me now. No one is standing in the way of our love.”

Victor musses, “Jack knows the truth about who Gabriel Bingham is hiding. hhmmm Jack Abbot is of no concern of yours so stay out of it.” Flack replies, “If Jack Abbott returns to find I am in his shoes it is my concern.” Victor is angry and says, “Let me make something very CLEAR I sprang you from the Peruvian prison, you are on my payroll, I pay you. If you can no longer perform the job you are no use to me.” Flack, “I did not want to tip my hand by asking too many questions what do you want me to do BOSS?” Victor, “I want you to stay away from Bingham as far as you can because you might just be careless enough to ask questions to which you do not know the answers.”

Flack is surprised Victor won’t fire Gabriel but Victor tells him he keeps his enemies close and some enemies closer.

Chelsea is in her wedding dress getting read and Gabe/Adam comes to the door he tells her she cannot do it. Chelsea tells him she loves Billy and she is marrying him and he should not have come. (Meanwhile Billy is outside the door listening) Chelsea says, “You need to forget there is anything between us and anything happened. It was just sex.” Gabe/Adam says it was much more than sex but she asks him to leave. He goes and she closes the door.

Kelly tells Jack Phyllis is gone and we can be together. Jack says, “if it is not a sick ploy I will cherish her for the rest of our life and she will be with me forever.” Kelly tells him his memories will pass. Jack tells her he does not want to live without Phyllis he tells Kelly to kill him because he will never love her and never be with her.

Kyle tells Summer it is not the response he expected from her. Summer tells him the necklace is amazing and the dinner was incredible. But she did not need any of it. She made the same mistake with Austin, trying to buy him [Mathew Atkinson]. Kyle fights back and tells her Austin used her and was going to destroy her family. Summer is not sure she likes the person Kyle has turned into.

Victor comes into the Athletic Club and sees Gabe and tells him he realizes they have not been the best of terms and admits he was rude to him. He explains that at Jabot Gabe walked smack in the middle of a tense situation. Victor orders a drink and says, “You don’t know me.” Gabe/Adam says, “I know you better than you think.” Victor, “Really?”

Victor admits to Gabe/Adam he made a mistake about Chelsea and Gabe should ask her to come back. Gabe/Adam says, “I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to talk about Chelsea.” Victor acuses him of being in a lousy mood and suggest he have another drink.

Billy comes in to see Chelsea and she apologies she is taking so long she wants things perfect. Billy says, “the damage is done. the dress, the tradition I cannot unseen it.” Chelsea says she does not care, that is silly. Chelsea asks if he is ready to get married and Billy says, “Actually I AM NOT, I have been rethinking the wedding!”

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers April 29: Victor Knows Gabe's An Imposter, Billy Cancels Wedding Knowing Chelsea Cheated, Kelly Tells Jack Phyllis is Dead

Kelly tells Jack he is being noble but she cannot believe he wants to die. He can now have everything he ever wanted. Jack says, “Love, this is a sick, twisted fantasy. I can’t live this way neither can you” Kelly is mad and says, “Don’t you tell me what I can and cannot do, I am in charge of this relationship NOW! I don’t like the way you are behaving, are you sure you want to die. Lets see how you feel when I leave you here to starve.” She leaves and Jack screams frustrated!

Kyle tells Summer he does know her, they grew up in the same world. Summer tells him she does not want to be about the money even if they have it. Summer is glad the night went this way it helped her to see things more clearly. Kyle offers to take her home but she is getting a cab. Summer gives him the necklace back and tells him there are a lot of other girls who will be impressed by it.

Kyle comes downstairs at the Athletic Club and Flack sees him and tells him he looks like hell. Kyle says that describes the night. Flack tells him to have a drink with him. He tells him about the night with Summer. Flack says he needs a distraction he lifts his car keys up and says, “There is NO better distraction than driving a 400,000 $ car.” Kyle takes the keys and thanks him.

Flack comes in and sees Gabe/Adam and Victor at the bar and turns around and leaves.

Victor says to Gabe/Adam, “It seems I have touched a nerve.” Gabe/Adam says, “I put a lot of time and effort into this Chelsea by Jabot line and she is making a mistake.” Victor asks why doesn’t he ask her to come back and Gabe/Adam says, “I did of course she’s independent, she is impulsive and once she sets her mind on something forget it.” Victor looks at him strangely and says, “You seem to know her very well?

Chelsea asks Billy what has changed. Billy claims that when he was downstairs he started thinking that he forced the elopement on her. This is not what she wants she wants he knows Chelsea wants family and friends to be at their wedding and so does he. He wants to get married the right way, how it is suppose to be. Chelsea says, “Of course, I love you.” Billy says, “Ya then it is settled, I will take you home and give you exactly what you deserve.”

That is it SOSers! Yikes, now that Billy had found out that Chelsea cheated with Gabriel he has cancelled the wedding but what do you think he meant by giving Chelsea exactly what she deserves?  Will Kelly convince Jack that Phyllis is dead?  Are you glad Summer and Kyle are splitting up?

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    We may see a new side of Billy. I don’t sense evel in Billy. Jack will not believe that Phyllis is dead. Kyle may be the evel one. Now that summer has walked out, he may feel desperate. Were people killed for no reason?

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