‘The Young and the Restless’ Justin Hartley Interview – Dishes On Adam Newman, Gabriel, and Replacing Michael Muhney

'The Young and the Restless' Justin Hartley Interview - Dishes On Adam Newman, Gabriel, and Replacing Michael Muhney

Last year when “The Young and the Restless” spoilers revealed that Adam Newman was returning from the dead and Justin Hartley would be taking over fan-favorite Michael Muhney we all expected the cast change to be a disaster – especially after the drama surrounding Michael Muhney’s exit. But, Justin Hartley has done a phenomenal job with the character Adam Newman and has even managed to breathe new life in to the part. Now, he is no Michael Muhney, but he isn’t trying to be – Justin is adding his own twist to the iconic character.

Y&R’s Justin Hartley recently sat down with Global TV to dish on his character Adam Newman and his Genoa City alter-ego Gabriel. Hartley explained, “I wanted to make this character my own, because it was done so well before — by two previous actors [Michael Muhney and Chris Engen]! One of the ways they let me do that is by giving him this face change plastic surgery — which let’s admit, is ridiculous, but it’s what’s happening and it allows Adam to have gone through some trauma and come out a different person.”

Justin Hartley goes on to say in his interview that he is thrilled to be working back on daytime television – for those of you who weren’t aware he actually played the part of Fox Crane on since cancelled soap opera Passions for four years. Justin went on to gush about how proud he was to be apart of the number one soap on daytime television and stated, “It’s great being around these people. They have this confidence about them — not arrogance, but confidence. They understand that none of them, individually, transcends the brand. We’re all under the red letters (Y&R) and dedicated to staying number one. We’re not interested in anything else. Whatever it takes to stay there.”

“The Young and the Restless” spoilers tease that it is only a matter of time before Gabriel’s true identity is revealed to the residents of Genoa City – and everyone learns that Adam Newman is still alive. We’re sure that when the shocking revelation does take place, Just Hartley will nail the intense scenes he has coming up. What do you think of Justin Hartley on “The Young and the Restless?” Are you happy with the job he has done as Adam Newman and Gabriel? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. jan clary says

    I was totally surprised that I would like Justin Hartley in the role of Gabriel/Adam. I was such a fan of MM, and thought he could not be replaced in that role, but, Justin is such a phenominal actor……. I love watching him and Melissa Clare Egan act together as Chelsea and Gabe on young and restless, and cannot wait for him to reveal that he is Adam!! He is my favorite actor on the show….LOVE him!!!

  2. Susan Raines says

    I didn’t like the change in the beginning. The way they worked Gab into the Adam character was quite unique. It worked and this new Adam grew on me. I think he has plays the character extremely well. The same chemistry with Chelsea is there, and the venom for Victor is as well. Love the new writers. I have watched since the 70’s and will continue. Keep up the good work.

  3. KATHY says

    I was a true Michael Muhney fan, but I have to say that Justin is a wonderful actor and I’am very surprized just how much he brings to the role, he’s a great Adam, good job Justin . I just want to know who really killed Delia,because it wasn’t Adam. best of luck Justin.

  4. Keisha says

    Justin is doing a fantastic job as Gabriel/Adam. He holds his own with Eric/Victor &Peter/Jack. He also has great chemistry with Melissa /Chelsea

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