‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers February 16-20: Eric Returns Home, Steffy and Liam Kiss, Quinn Jealous

'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers February 16-20: Eric Returns Home, Steffy and Liam Kiss, Quinn Jealous

Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful for the week of February 16th – 20th are in and you don’t want to miss this week.  Eric Forrester [John Mc Cooke] is finally coming home and wait till he sees what nonsense Rick has been up to.  If you think he is going to be upset about all Rick’s shenanigans just think how hopping mad he’s going to be when he sees his late wife’s Stephanie’s portrait gone from over the fireplace in his home!  Why do I think seeing that hideous painting of Maya that is now hanging is not going to please him.  How do you think Eric will react?   I am guessing not great!

Katie is getting married to Bill and Katie decides to ask her sister Brooke to be her Matron-of-Honor.  Just imagine how well that is going to go over now that Brooke is hitting the bottle?  Will she lean on Deacon for support to get her through this uncomfortable day?  Not to be mean but that dress is probably making her uncomfortable too, it looks like she is wearing an Ostrich on her shoulder.  Thoughts?

On Wed Feb 18 Quinn [Rena Sofer] is having all kinds of mixed feelings about Deacon [Sean Kanan] and demands to know, “why does he need to be a part of Brooke’s life?” Quinn has been showing signs of the green eyed monster this past week.  She was going through all of Brooke Logan’s [Katherine Kelly Lang] pictures online while drinking her wine.  These are signs that scream “HIDE YOUR BUNNY.”

The reason Rick’s [Jacob Young] Father, Eric Forrester came home is because he heard Rick  has been having a tough time of it back in L.A.  He may have heard that wrong, from where I stand Rick has been having a grand old time tormenting Caroline, Aly and everyone else at Forester.  Nevertheless, Eric decided to come home and get his company and family back on track.

Eric feels responsible for all of the chaos that Rick has thrown at his family while he has been gone galavanting around the world.  Eric tells Rick to step down as CEO he is naming a new CEO. Do you think Rick will comply with Dad’s order? Let me guess, NO!

Steffy has not given up on convincing Liam to get back together with her so they can take over Forrester Creations.  Her terms to be part of Liam’s hostile takeover of Forrester is that Liam dump Ivy and get back with her.  This week Steffy decides to use her feminine wiles to temp Liam and from the photo below it looks like she is making progress.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers February 16-20: Eric Returns Home, Steffy and Liam Kiss, Quinn Jealous

How do you think Eric will react when he sees Maya’s portrait? Will Quinn start stalking Brooke or will she control herself? Will Rick step down as CEO? Will Steffy convince Liam to dump Ivy? Please share your thoughts in the Soap Opera Spy comment below.

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  1. Patricia DePriest says

    I want Steffy and Liam to take the company over but I want Liam to stay with Ivy and Eric is going to be pissed when he she’s Stephanie picture gone wow Rick done messed up big time and Brooke needs to leave Bill alone and let him and Katie be happy and Quinn needs to stop she needs to be in a crazy hospital she is nuts

  2. Donna Byrley says


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