‘General Hospital’ Spoilers February 16-20: Lawsuits and Microchips and Ghosts, Oh My!

'General Hospital' Spoilers February 16-20: Lawsuits and Microchips and Ghosts, Oh My!

This coming week, Feb 16 – 20, ABC’S General Hospital will prove to be another must watch week.  The week will focus more on Jake and his memory loss, additionally someone will get baby news, someone will get served and someone will see a ghost.

The last time we saw Kiki [Kristen Alderson] she was grugingly handing her baby sister Avery over to Sonny [Maurice Bernard], Avery’s daddy. Kiki was having a very hard time with handing her sister over because she raised baby Avery since birth and she knew how her mother Ava felt about Sonny. Kiki sought legal council from Alexis [Nancy Grahn], she wants custody of Avery. This week Sonny will get served with a lawsuit but is it about Baby Avery or did his son Michael [Chad Duell] serve him?

This week both Carly and Sabrina try to reason with Michael, they try to make him see revenge is not the answer.  But alas, Michael is on the warpath and seems to have tunnel vision when it comes to his father, he’s not listening.

Maxie [Kristen Storms] is distraught, she feels she ruined her relationship with Nathan [Ryan Paevey] and cries on Lulu’s shoulder about her love life or what is left of it. Lulu [Emme Rylan] is shocked and cannot believe Maxie would risk her relationship with Nathan for Johnny! Nathan had to lie for Maxie or arrest her and of course, he chose to lie for her!  Since we learned last week that Spinelli and Ellie are dunzo does that open the door for a Spinxie reunion?

Tracy [Jane Elliot] has finally seen the light when it comes to her husband Luke Spencer [Anthony Geary] and she is livid, she confronts Luke about all of his shady activities and she wants answers stat!! The problem is she is not going to get them as quicky as she wants! Tracy takes matters into her own hands, she implores Spinelli to dig into Luke’s childhood history. Will Luke be heading back to Shady Brook?

Spinelli uncovers a lot more than just Luke’s childhood history during his investigation. Could Spinelli also have the key to opening the Jake saga?  Rumour has it, that it will be Spinelli who figures out who Jake is!

Nikolas [Tyler Christopher] is being haunted by another secret, does this mean he will get a visit from his beloved late wife Emily’s [Natalia Livingston] ghost?

Nikolas is in a perdicament with Helena [Contance Towers] he continues to pressure her about Jake.  Nikolas is shocked by what Helena reveals about Jake.  Nikolas is going to venture out on his own to deal with the situation and Helena is not pleased about it.

Carly [Laura Wright] is thrilled about where she and Sonny [Maurice Bernard] are now, Sonny told her he loved her and wanted to start over with her as a family. The only thing that is missing is Michael [Chad Duell]. Next week Carly pleads with Michael again for Michael to forgive Sonny.

'General Hospital' Spoilers February 16-20: Lawsuits and Microchips and Ghosts, Oh My!

Jake [Billy Miller] is disturbed by what he has done, he makes an important decision, he wants to get to the bottom of his problem at any cost!  Jake wants the Doctors at GH to perform surgery on his brain to find out what is making him do all of these awful things. (It’s a miracle he has any brain left after all the brain surgeries he has had) Just before surgery Jake remembers something, he remembers HE IS JASON he tries to tell someone, but the anesthesia hits and he goes off to La La land. When he wakes up he doesnt remember he is Jason.  The Doctor’s have big news for him, he won’t believe what they found..a microchip implanted in his head!

On the PCPD front, Anna Devane [Finola Hughes] is back and she is back with a big surprise for Sloane [Grayson McCouch]. What do you think the “surprise” is? Has she uncovered Sloan’s dirty dealings? Is Sloane a good guy and undercover? Thoughts?

Olivia [Lisa Lo Cicero] has some news!!! She has a “mini Jerome” bun in the oven? She needs to confide in someone and who better than her best friend Ned [Wally Kurth]!! How do you think Ned will react to this news?

Meanwhile back at the Shady Brook Nuthouse, Nina stands vigil over Franco vowing to be there when he wakes up. The Doctor tells Nina it’s starting to look promising.   Franco will have some kind of recovery, the Doctor just does not know if it will be a full recovery. Nina tells Franco “I will stay by your side as long as it takes!”  Nina feel it is the least she can do because Franco injected himself with LSD to be with her. Nothing says I love you like sticking a syringe full of LSD in your neck for the one you love .

'General Hospital' Spoilers February 16-20: Lawsuits and Microchips and Ghosts, Oh My!

What are your thoughts, do you think Jake will remember everything? What does Anna have on Sloane? Is Olivia pregnant with Julian’s baby? Will Spinelli figure out Jake is Jason? Will we have a Spinxie reunion? Please share your thoughts in the Soap Opera Spy comments below.

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