‘The Young And The Restless’ Poll: Which ‘Y&R’ Character Is Beyond Repair, Can’t Be Redeemed – Neil, Sharon, Or Victor? Vote Now!

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Which 'Y&R' Character Is Beyond Repair, Can't Be Redeemed - Neil, Sharon, Or Victor? Vote Now!“The Young and the Restless” is wrapping up 2015 with a bang. The one thing that keeps popping up on social media is how the writers ruined several well-loved characters this year. Soap opera Spy made a poll for our followers for you to weigh in and tell us which character has been ruined beyond the point of redemption in 2015. Vote in the poll below, and make your opinion count.


Neil [Kristoff St. John] has had a terrible year—after learning that his wife and son were sleeping together. Early in 2014, fans felt Neil deserved better storylines and demanded the writers end the love triangle between Neil and Devin [Bryton James] with Hilary [Mishael Morgan].  The writers solved the dilemma by Neil’s sight returning in February—giving him a first look at his wife and son making love. His reaction caused fans to loathe him and pushed for less screen time for the seasoned actor. After he kidnapped Hilary on her honeymoon and held her captive for two months, “Y&R” fans decided that there was nothing Neil could do to redeem himself.


Avery’s [Jessica Collins] character was not just ruined—the writers ruined her character beyond repair. She went from being a successful attorney, fighting for the little people to a liar, scheming to get Joe [Scott Elrod] to be convicted of rape. She bounced from Dylan to Joe for months; all the while, she was sending Joe the signals that she was interested in him romantically.


Sharon had an extremely rough year. In early 2015, she was fighting to make Nick [Joshua Morrow] see that she deserved another chance and for joint custody of their daughter. After she learned he had no interest in giving her another shot, she moved on with Dylan [Steve Burton]. Sharon’s character has been reduced to a crazy person with no existent hope in happiness. It doesn’t seem like Sharon can get any REAL happiness with anyone.


Victor [Eric Braeden] has never been what you call innocent, some would even describe him as evil. In 2015, he took his shenanigans were kicked into overdrive. Victor brought in Marco Annicelli [Peter Bergman] who posed as Jack Abbott while he kidnapped and detained the ‘real’ Jack. His partnership with Marco led to the death of Austin [Matthew Atkinson] and Courtney [Kelli Goss]. Victor’s family remains clueless to his participation in Marco’s arrival and his involvement in Courtney and Austin’s death.


Phyllis [Gina Tognoni] used to be a fearless character; who would stop at nothing to get her way? She wasn’t afraid of Victor, let alone someone like Marco or Ian Ward [Ray Wise]. The writers have weakened Phyllis greatly—to an extinct that she isn’t recognizable anymore. Phyllis would NEVER talk about food recipes with someone like Fred or Ian.  Phyllis wouldn’t be running scared of Victor nor Marco, either. It’s like when Phyllis returned from Georgia, she came back as a weaker version.


Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman] had an extremely rough year. In the beginning of 2015, Jack was excited about beginning his life with Phyllis Abbott again. They had planned a secret wedding—and hoped that their renewed love could see them through any challenge. Jack endured Victor’s reign of terror when he brought in Marco, who looked just like Jack [doppelganger]. He dealt with it the best he knew, which was to bury his head in the sand. He chooses to ignore it all instead of making a stand and making Victor pay. Is it possible that 2016 Jack will be able to see that Victor pays for his crimes?

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  1. Angela says

    Victor by a long shot, he’s not been redeemable for a long time but this past year was even low for him, I can’t believe everything he’s done, I hope Phyllis gets her revenge on him but I doubt the writers will let her be successful in that.

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