‘The Young And The Restless’ News: Jerry Douglas Returns To ‘Y&R’ As John Abbott’s Ghost

'The Young And The Restless' News: Jerry Douglas Returns To 'Y&R' As John Abbott's Ghost‘The Young And The Restless’ spoilers tease that someone in Genoa City will be receiving a visit from the ghost of John Abbott this month!  She Knows Soaps is reporting that Jerry Douglas will be headed back to ‘Y&R‘ to resurrect the ghost of his iconic character John Abbott.  Douglas’s appearance is scheduled to air on Wednesday December 16th.

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So far ‘The Young And The Restless’ spoilers regarding Jerry Douglas’s brief return are few and far between, but ‘Y&R’ fans are already speculating what storyline he will be partaking in.  Billy Abbott’s character is going a bit dark, which will somehow correlate with the transition of actors Burgess Jenkins and Jason Thompson (General Hospital).  A popular theory on social media right now is that amidst Billy’s downward spiral he will have chat with his father John Abbott’s ghost.

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Jerry Douglas began his portrayal of John Abbottt back in 1982, and he was a central character on ‘The Young And The Restless’ until he was officially killed off in 2006.  The writers didn’t leave much room for the character to return from the dead – his death was very cut and dry, he suffered from a stroke, his wife and kids said their goodbyes to him in his hospital room, and then he was taken off from life-support.  Since John Abbott’s death, Douglas has appeared  on the CBS soap opera occasionally in flashbacks and in ghost form.

So ‘Y&R‘ fans, are you excited to see Jerry Douglas back in Genoa City, even if it is as a ghost?  Who do you think he will be haunting?

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  1. Julie Schleinz says

    I have been hoping we would be seeing more of Jerry Douglas on the show again! I love it when he sets Jack straight.

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      I love seeing him as well he is a brilliant actor!

  2. ellen9174 says

    I am thrilled that Jack Abbot is coming back. He
    was such a great and wonderful actor and human
    being. I hope he stays around a long time.

  3. ellen9174 says

    I am glad that John Abbot is coming back to
    the show. It will be great seeing him again.
    He was such a great and wonderful force
    and was Victor’s equal I loved when they
    we’re in scenes together. I hope he stays
    around for a very long time

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