‘General Hospital’ Interview: Jackie Zeman Is Looking For Love – Thinks Bobbie Spencer Needs A Love Interest Too!

'General Hospital' Interview: Jackie Zeman Is Looking For Love - Thinks Bobbie Spencer Needs A Love Interest Too!“General Hospital” (GH) Bobbie Spencer, portrayed by Jacklyn Zeman, has been a long-time resident of Port Charles. Portraying Bobbie Spencer, younger sister of Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) for 35 years, has been a pleasure. But Jacklyn is ready for Bobbie to begin the next chapter in her life. It’s time to give Nurse Spencer a true love.

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Like her character, Zeman is ready for the next chapter in her life – and a little romance! Both of Jacklyn’s daughters are in their 20s and on their own. The actress’s oldest daughter Cassie is engaged to be married and Jackie adores her daughter’s fiancé. “I’m finally going to have the son that I always wanted. I feel so blessed,” Zeman revealed in the most recent ABC Soaps In Depth. But, having an empty next is not always easy.

Jacklyn knows all too well, just like all moms, that when your child grows into adulthood it is cause for celebration. But when your grown children leave home “you get that pang in your heart where it actually hurts when you see them walking out the door.”

But now it’s “Jackie Time” and Zeman has a very clear picture of what she wants in the future. “I want a true, intimate, loving relationship. I’m ready to meet someone. I’m ready to make a man a priority in my life,” Jacklyn reveals. Zeman divorced Glenn Gorden in 2007 after 19 years of marriage. Not only does Jackie think it’s time for romance – her daughters’ s think so , too. Cassidy, 25, and Lacey, 23, want their mother to be happy – they have let mom know they want her to have a life outside of family and work.

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And it’s also time for Bobbie Spencer to find true love, real intimacy. Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) has been on the backburner of Bobbie’s life for a long time. Can Scott and Bobbie find true, meaningful intimacy and love with each other? If not, then who? Bobbie has loved a few men over the past 35 years, but has she loved any of them enough to include one and only one in the next chapter of her life? Or will TPTB at “General Hospital” give Bobbie a brand new love?

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