‘The Young And The Restless’ News: Jason Thompson’s First Air Date Nears – Will He Make The Perfect Billy Abbott?

'The Young And The Restless' News: Jason Thompson's First Air Date Nears - Will He Make The Perfect Billy Abbott?“The Young and the Restless” fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the ‘new’ Billy Abbott set to air on January 13. Jason Thompson wowed his “General Hospital” fans with his consistent spectacular performances that spanned over a decade [and earned him an Emmy award nomination]. “Y&R” is banking on the idea that Thompson will be the perfect Billy, and be able to bring the character to life. Let’s be honest; Billy Abbott has not been the same since Billy Miller left the role in 2013. Is it possible that Jason Thompson could be the PERFECT Billy Abbott?

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The second Burgess Jenkins revealed that he would be leaving “Y&R,” the rumors kicked into overdrive about who could replace him. It had been speculated for some time that Jason Thompson was considering not renewing his contract with “General Hospital.”  It didn’t take the fans to piece it together that he was the top pick for the role. The day Jason Thompson went to Instagram to reveal that he was walking away from Dr. Patrick Drake, his supporters were sure he had something bigger in the works.

What could be bigger than Dr. Patrick Drake on “General Hospital”? Billy Abbott is an iconic character on “The Young and the Restless.” He is the Late John Abbott [Jerry Douglas] and Jill Atkinson’s [Jess Walton] son. He has a long history of alcohol abuse and gambling addiction. Billy Abbott is a complex character–it is easy to see why Jason Thompson was lured over to portray him, considering the lack of character development in Patrick on “GH.

Jason Thompson explained that he felt appreciative for his experience and time at “General Hospital.”  He noted that he would forever be grateful for his fans and supporters, and hopes they will follow his career moving to “Y&R.”

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Jason Thompson final air date is the first week of January, and will debut on “The Young and the Restless” on Wednesday, January 13. Burgess Jenkins last airdate is believed to be Friday, January 8.

Soap Opera Spy fans, are you looking forward to Jason Thompson debut on “The Young and the Restless”?  Do you think he can pull off Billy Abbott?

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  1. Cheryl Vanover says

    Billy Miller was the perfect Billy!! The show just hasn’t been the same since he left.

  2. Loleta says

    I’ll take Billy Miller over everyone you try to replace him with you just can’t replace Billy Miller

  3. Regina Roe says

    Jason is brunette. Billy is a blonde.

  4. Julia says

    Billy needs to go back as Billy and bring Jason back to play his part cause nobody can replace their parts on the shows

  5. Chan Marie DeMaupassante says

    Was Jill, “Jill Atkinson” when Billy was born. I remember her maiden name as Foster.

  6. Nikki M says

    NO ONE can replace Billy Miller as Billy Abbott. JFP, CBS and/or Sony are IDIOTS for letting him walk away. The 2nd biggest mistake in daytime history (1st being Michael Muhney). Miller is and always will be THE Billy Abbott. Jason Thompson may be a great actor, but I don’t see him as Billy and the problem is… No one has or will be able to match Millers portrayal because he IS Billy Abbott.. Period!! Dumb move CBS/Y&R

    1. Jolene B. Morgan says

      I So Agree with Nikki M.! No one, No one could ever play the role of Billy Abbot like Mr. Billy Miller! He was able to ‘Define’ that role, made it his own, as he Defines every role that he has ever tackled! Billy Miller should be a ‘Major Motion Picture Star’, he is a ‘Gifted’ actor, Beyond Handsome, and he has true ‘Star Quality’! What is wrong with the motion picture business that they cannot ‘see’ Billy’s potential?

  7. Walter Repass says

    I’ve heard Miller can be slightly difficult at times. He’s the male Michelle Stafford. As a guy all I can say is Miller is becoming typecast as the “bad boy”. I did enjoy his work on Ringer. I’m giving Jason Thompson a chance. Everyone deserves the right to prove themselves. Burjess J. was a serious mistake. Much to serious and a bit of a bire. I did think M. Muhney was great as Adam, however, Justin Hartley is doing a bang-up job. Like him a lot in this role.

  8. Chris says

    Can’t wait to see Jason take over the role!! Watch general hospital if you want to see billy miller. Actors leave roles let’s give new ones a fair shake. Billy is doing great as Jason Morgan. ?

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