‘General Hospital’ News: 5 Reasons Sonny and Carly’s Marriage Will Work This Time

'General Hospital' News: 5 Reasons Sonny and Carly's Marriage Will Work This Time‘General Hospital’ (GH) fans loved seeing Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] and Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] tie the knot this year for the fifth time, but we’re all wondering, will it last? Here’s a look at five reasons we think Sonny and Carly version 5.0 might just be the one that lasts.

#1 They’re a parenting powerhouse

Kids can definitely be a unifying factor and, right now, their kids need them. Carly and Sonny need to stand strong for their offspring. Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna] is in a marriage crisis, Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig] is suffering ongoing mental meltdowns, Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] is dealing with not-his-baby-mama drama, and Kristina Corinthos [Lexi Ainsworth] is in some sort of trouble at school. Plus they’re united in trying to win custody of Avery away from Ava Jerome [Maura West].

#2 They’re willing to finally be vulnerable

Both Carly and Sonny can be willful and stubborn and they have had a tendency to walk out on arguments. But now that they’re older and wiser, it looks like they’re being more deliberate about opening themselves up to each other and being vulnerable. Case in point is Carly talking Sonny into marrying her while he was self-conscious in that wheelchair and of Carly and Sonny arguing but then one giving in and finally being able to compromise and put their relationship first.

#3 Their mutual BFF Jason is back

Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] is good for both Sonny and Carly and, in the past, has acted as a buffer that allowed them to cool off when they were fighting or better understand the other’s perspective. Now that Jason is back from the dead and bonding with them both, he should once again strengthen their relationship. While Jason isn’t 100% back to himself, he is already bonding with both Carly and Sonny so they can count on him to keep them strong.

#4 They have both grown more protective of each other

In the past, other people have been able to get between Carly and Sonny, but these two have not mellowed with age. In fact, they’ve gotten more vocal about what belongs to them and how they feel about people stepping on what is theirs. Carly is constantly ready to go on a rant against one and all and if anyone messes with Sonny or tries to get too close, she’ll let them have it. And after almost losing Carly to Franco [Roger Howarth], Sonny also won’t take any chances.

#5 They’ve tried out everyone in town already

There’s also the factor to consider that these two have sampled nearly everyone else in town, so there’s nothing new out there to tempt them. Sonny has been with Olivia Falconeri [Lisa LoCicero], Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco], Alexis Davis [Nancy Lee Grahn] and myriad others, but it’s Carly he keeps coming back to. The same with Carly – she’s had her mom’s husband, plus AJ, Franco, Jax, etc. They’ve been through the rodeo and decided the horse they want to take home.

For all these reasons plus many others, there are good odds that Sonny and Carly are finally living out the happily ever after they want. Will they be Port Charles’ new legacy power couple that are hitched for life?

What do you think GH fans, are Sonny and Carly together for good this time? Do you think they’ll still be married five years from now? Share your thoughts in the comments below and check back with Soap Opera spy daily for ‘General Hospital’ spoilers and news.

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  1. Doris Foreverlasting Anderson says

    Carly and Sonny marriage will work cause they know what they have to do to keep the marriage together I love to see them together and they are really good for each other

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