‘The Young and the Restless’ : Jack Abbott and The Abbott Family Tree Explained

'The Young and the Restless' : Jack Abbott and The Abbott Family Tree Explained

The Abbotts are arch-rivals to the Newmans and run Jabot in Genoa City. They are successful in business if not always in love. They seem to have bad luck when it comes to seeing their children survive and thrive and they can’t get a marriage to last but they remarry and try, try again.

John Abbott Sr – Patriarch of the Abbott family, he founded cosmetics company Jabot. His wives included Dina Mergeron, Jill Foster, Jessica Blair and Gloria Fisher. He died in prison where he was sent for murdering Tom Fisher. He was single father to three children after wife Dina left him. John was portrayed by Brett Halsey then Jerry Douglas. He still shows up time to time as an apparition.

Ivan Abbott – John Abbott Sr’s never before seen brother.

John “Jack” Abbott Jr. – Oldest child of John and Dina Abbott. As a young man, he serves in Vietnam where he fell in love with a young woman and unknowingly impregnates her then loses track of her. Jack is a playboy who marries Patty Williams, Lindsey Wells, Nikki Newman, Phyllis Summers, Sharon Newman and finally marries his Vietnamese soul mate Luan Nguyen before she dies. He also has an ongoing romance with Diane Jenkins. He and Victor Newman are lifelong rivals. His living children are Keemo Abbott and Kyle Abbott and had a stillborn child John Abbott III. He has served as head of Jabot Cosmetics and Newman Enterprises and has been a State Senator. Jack has been portrayed by Terry Lester and Peter Bergman.

Ashley Abbott – Daughter of Dina Abbott and Brent Davis, Ashley was raised as John Abbott’s child. Ashley was a smart girl who kept busy at work in the family business and in the bedroom. She’s worked at Jabot Cosmetics and Forrester Originals, married Stephen Lassiter, Victor Newman (twice), Blade Bladeson, Cole Howard, Bradley Carlton and Tucker McCall. Aborted a baby of Victor’s, had Abby with sperm she stole from Victor, miscarried a child with Victor and had a stillborn child with Robert Carlton. She also bedded Stephen Lassiter, Rick Bladeson, Adam Hunter, Kurt Costner, Tom Fisher, Paul Williams, William Bardwell, Rick and Ridge Forrester, Storm Logan, Neil Winters, Joe Clark and many others. Ashley has been mainly portrayed by Eileen Davidson

Traci Ann Abbott – Child of John Abbott and Dina Abbott, Traci Ann was a successful writer and singer. She struggled with low self-esteem and turned to pills to lose weight. She once crashed her car while taking pills and was arrested resulting convulsions and damage to her heart. She got pregnant by a college professor, tried to kill herself then miscarried. Traci got pregnant and miscarried again then divorced. She remarried Brad when she was pregnant again and they had Colleen but left him for Steve Connolly. Colleen later died and she agreed to let her organs be transplanted. She and Steve divorced after this. Traci was always played by Beth Maitland.

William “Billy” Abbott – After Jill and John Abbott second marriage, she wanted a baby but he didn’t. She insisted and got pregnant. He wanted her to get an abortion and him a vasectomy. She said no and had Billy in 1993. John bonded with him but Jill ignored him and he was sent to boarding school. Jill cheated and his parent’s divorced and battled over custody leading to a stroke for his dad. They came back to Genoa City where Billy started partying hard and almost died from alcohol poisoning. He fell for Mackenzie Chancellor. He later developed and got over a gambling problem, traveled the world, knocked up Chloe Mitchell and they had Cordelia but she later died. He later had had son John with Chelsea and daughter Katie with Victoria. He wed Mackenzie, Chloe and Victoria several times. Bille was played by several child actors and then Scott Seymour, Billy Miller and Burgess Jenkins.

Keemo Volien Abbott – Son of Jack and Luan Nguyen, Keemo was born during the Vietnam war when Jack was serving in the conflict. He was portrayed by Philip Moon. Jack fell in love with a Vietnamese woman he knew as Mai Yun. He lost touch with her and didn’t know she was pregnant. She lost touch with her son and she later changed her name to Luan Nguyen and came to America. She was shot and asked her friend Christine Blair to find her son Keemo. Christine and Paul Williams traveled to Vietnam and found him. He thought his mother had abandoned him but they convinced him to come to Genoa City. Christine figured out that Jack was Luan’s lover and reunited the family. He and Luan married. After Luan died, Keemo went back to Vietnam.

Colleen Carlton – Traci’s daughter with Brad Carlton after they were divorced, Colleen was born in 1992. They remarried after Traci turned up preggers but then split again. Colleen grew up in New York but she and her mom moved back to Genoa City after her step-dad cheated. Colleen started smoking dope and was sent off to boarding school. She was then taken in by her granddad at his mansion in Genoa City. She pursued JT for years and finally nabbed him but then betrayed him with her college professor Adrian which then becomes more serious. After a series of adventures and misadventures, her dad Brad drowned in a lake and Colleen herself was kidnapped and nearly drowned in the same lake. She ended up brain dead and her heart went to Victor as a transplant. Colleen was played by various child actors and Lyndsy Fonseca, Adrianna Leon and Tammin Sursok. She returned as a hooded spirit in visions to Victor.

John Abbott III – Jack’s son with Nikki Newman – he was born premature in 2003 and died not long after birth. His heart was donated to save another child.

Abigail “Abby” Newman – Ashley Abbott stole Victor Newman’s sperm from Diane Jenkins who had herself stolen it from a fertility clinic. She inseminated herself and Abby was born in 2000. Abby was given Brad Carlton’s name at birth and thought he was her father. Ashley made a video for Abby when she was diagnosed with cancer to be played in case she died revealing her true father. She survived but Abby saw the video and changed her name to Newman. Abby was rebellious and naughty, pursuing older men, having sex in public places, going naked in public and suing Victor for piles of money which she won. Abby was played by several child actors then Hayley Erin, Marcy Rylan and Melissa Ordway.

Kyle Jenkins Abbott – Son of Jack and Diane Jenkins, he was born in 2001 then rapidly aged and began dating Eden Baldwin. Originally named Christian Victor Newman because Diane had ex-hubby Victor’s sperm unfrozen to be inseminated with but was swapped out in the lab with Jack’s. Jack and Phyllis got custody of the child but later gave him to Diane. He was sent to boarding school and Diane was killed. He later unknowingly dated his half-sister Summer. He later left town for Italy. He was most recently portrayed by Garrett Ryan, Blake Hood and Hartley Sawyer.

Robert Bradley Carlton – Ashley’s son with Brad Carlton – stillborn in 2003.

Cordelia “Delia” Abbott – Child of Billy and Chloe Mitchell, she was born in 2009 and passed in 2013. She had leukemia but died as a result of being struck by a car. Portrayed by various child actors.

Faith Colleen Newman – Ashley’s daughter with Victor Newman – stillborn in 2009.

John “Johnny” Abbott IV – Billy’s son with Chelsea Lawson born in 2012, he was adopted by Victoria Newman. Various child actors.

Katherine Rose Abbott Newman – Billy’s daughter with Victoria Newman born in November 2014. Various child actors.

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