The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Newman’s Past and the Newman Family Tree Explained

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Newman's Past and the Newman Family Tree Explained

The Newmans came from nothing to forge a dynasty. They actually started out as the Millers but when Christian Miller, who was abandoned as a child decided to remake himself, he changed his name to Newman as in “New Man.” This inspired him to protect and provide for his family in a way his own father never protected his own.

Albert Miller – Albert was father to Christian (aka Victor Newman) who abandoned his family. Victor visits his father in Canada just before Albert passes away. He was portrayed by George Kennedy.

Cora Miller – Victor’s mother, she appeared on the show as she was dying. She is brought to the ranch to meet Victor’s wife Nikki in her final days. Cora was portrayed by Dorothy McGuire.

Victor Newman Sr – Victor was born Christian Miller but later changed his name to Victor Newman. He was born poor and after being abandoned by his father was reared in an orphanage. Came to Genoa City with wife Julia to run Chancellor Industries for Katherine Chancellor. Later established Newman Enterprises and grew to be a billionaire. Victor cheats with secretary Eve Howard and Julie flirts with with Brock Reynolds. He then turns to Lorie Brooks. Julie wants a child but Victor has a vasectomy instead. Julie slept with Michael Scott and turned up pregnant. Victor kidnapped and imprisoned Michael. Julia miscarried but it turned out the baby was Victor’s. The love of his life was Nikki Reed but he had may marriages to many women over the years. He had daughter Victoria with Nikki and son Nicholas with Nikki, son Victor Jr with Hope and daughter Abby with Ashley. He has always been played by Eric Braeden.

Victoria Newman – Daughter of Victor and Nikki Reed, she was Victor’s firstborn and his favorite child. She went to a Swiss boarding school and came back to Genoa City as a teen. She started in the mail room at Newman Enterprises and worked her way up to an exec at Newman then at Jabot and Beauty of Nature. She eloped with Ryan McNeil, he cheated, they divorced. She later married her half-brother Cole, then had it annulled. They remarried when they found out the weren’t related. She got pregnant but he was already cheating on her and they split without him knowing. She had a daughter Eve who died shortly after birth. She later went back to her first hubby and they were set to remarry but he was shot at the wedding. She later had a son Reed with T, miscarried a child with Billy, illegally adopted daughter Lucy, legally adopted son Johnny and had daughter Katie with Billy. She also married Brad, JT and Billy. She was portrayed by Ashley Nicole Milan, Heather Tom, Sara Aldrich and Amelia Heimle.

Nicholas “Nick” Newman – Son of Victor and Nikki Reed, he was conceived when they were on a break. He grew up close to stepdad Jack Abbott. He went to boarding school in Switzerland and came back to Genoa City as a teen. Fell for Sharon Collins who was raped in high school. He later adopted Cassie, the child that came out of the rape. He also had son Noah and daughter Faith with Sharon. He later married Phyllis Summers and they had daughter Summer. Nick owns The Underground night club, was once an exec at Newman Enterprises, co-owner of Crimson Lights Coffee House and started up Restless Style magazine. Nick was most recently portrayed by John Nelson-Alden and Joshua Morrow.

Victor “Adam” Newman Jr – Son of Victor and Hope Adams, he grew up in Kansas not knowing that Victor was his father. Hope left Genoa City and divorced Victor. She remarried and her husband Cliff adopted Victor and his named was changed to Victor Adam Wilson and he went by Adam. Adam thought Cliff was his father. Victor visited Kansas periodically and Cliff eventually died. She told Adam that Victor was his father on her deathbed. Adam went to work for Victor at Newman Enterprises. Adam later began some evil plotting that resulted in him spending time in jail but even that didn’t curb his evil ways. He seemed to have inherited his dad’s gene for making trouble. He’s been married a couple of times to Chelsea Lawson, once to Sharon Newman and once to Skye Lockhart. He has one son, Connor, with Chelsea. He’s been involved with forgery, blackmail, evading his ankle monitor, faking his own death, framing others for murder, kidnapping, perjury, obstructing justice and escaping policy custody. Adam has been portrayed by Chris Engen, Michael Muhney and Justin Hartley.

Abigail “Abby” Newman – Ashley Abbott stole Victor Newman’s sperm from Diane Jenkins who had herself stolen it from a fertility clinic. She inseminated herself and Abby was born in 2000. Abby was given Brad Carlson’s name at birth and thought he was her father. Ashley made a video for Abby when she was diagnosed with cancer to be played in case she died revealing her true father. She survived but Abby saw the video and changed her name to Newman. Abby was rebellious and naughty, pursuing older men, having sex in public places, going naked in public and suing Victor for piles of money which she won. Abby was played by several child actors then Hayley Erin, Marcy Rylan and Melissa Ordway.

Cassidy “Cassie” Newman – Daughter of Sharon Collins and Frank Barritt. Sharon got pregnant with Cassie when she was in high school. He dumped her and she gave Cassie up for adoption. She was adopted by Alice Johnson and was given the name Cassidy. They moved to Genoa City where Cassie was left with her grandmother when her adoptive mother ran off with a man. She lived in poverty until her bio-mom Sharon married Nick Newman and they had son Noah who was dying. Sharon’s BFF tracked down Cassie and talked her adoptive grandmother into letting her keep the girl. Sharon was able to win custody of her daughter from Alice and Nick Newman officially adopted her. Cassie fell through ice into a pond. She was rescued, went into a coma but later recovered. As a teen, she drove drunk friends home even though she didn’t know how to drive. She crashed the car and died as a result of her injuries. She returned later as a hallucination. Cassie was portrayed by Camryn Grimes.

Mariah Newman – Daughter of Sharon Collins and Frank Barritt. Previously unknown twin of Cassie that had been sold by the doctor that had delivered the twins. She was raised in a cult.

Noah Newman – Son of Sharon and Nick Newman. She plotted to get pregnant to try and cement her marriage. Nick wanted her to abort but she refused. Noah was born premature after Sharon slipped and fell. Noah was devastated by the death of his half-sister Cassie. He turned into a troubled kid. His parents got him a puppy that he tormented. As a teen, he hooked up with Eden Baldwin then broke up with her and became a singer with a record deal. He also worked as a bartender, photographer, wrote music for Jabot ads and was an executive trainee at Newman-Chancellor. Noah has never been married and has no children. His most recent relationship is with undercover cop Courtney. Noah was most recently portrayed by Luke Kleintank, Kevin Schmidt and Robert Adamson.

Summer Newman – Love child of Nick and Phyllis Summers. Patty intentionally caused an allergic reaction by kissing summer with peanuts on her breath. This put Summer into a coma. She came out of it with brain damage and speech problems. Therapy in Switzerland cured it. She was rapidly aged to a teenager. Summer caused Chelsea to miscarry by crashing her car into Chelsea and Adam’s. She crushes on Kyle and tries to seduce him. When he spurned her, she ran away to Chicago. Kyle believed he and Summer were brother and sister (they really weren’t). She later modeled for Jabot then after trying drugs was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Summer lost her v card to Austin who ditched her immediately after but then they married and she used her family influence to defend him against his crimes. Jack revealed to Summer that she’s not really his daughter – he’s very disappointed that she’s not. Summer was played by several child actors then Lindsay Bushman and Hunter Haley King.

Reed Newman – Son of Victoria Newman and JT Hellstrom. He was born via c-section in 2007 then relocated to DC with his father in 2010 but visits Genoa City occasionally. He is portrayed by Max Page.

Faith Cassidy Newman – Daughter of Nick and Sharon Newman. She was born in 2009 and stolen by Adam who gave her to Ashley Abbott. She was later reunited with her parents. Various child actors.

John “Johnny” Abbott IV – Billy’s son with Chelsea Lawson born in 2012, he was adopted by Victoria Newman. Various child actors.

Connor Adam Newman – Son of Adam Newman and Chelsea Lawson, Connor was born in 2013. Chelsea his his paternity so he was thought to be the son of Dylan McAvoy. Various child actors.

Katherine Rose Abbott Newman – Billy’s daughter with Victoria Newman born in November 2014. Various child actors.

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