‘The Young and the Restless’ Interview: Melissa Ordway and Daniel Goddard Say Eric Braeden is a Great Guy – NOT Like Victor Newman!

'The Young and the Restless' Interview: Melissa Ordway and Daniel Goddard Say Eric Braeden is a Great Guy - NOT Like Victor Newman!“The Young and the Restless” stars Melissa Ordway [Abby Newman] and Daniel Goddard [Cane Ashby] talk about who on the set they were most intimidated by and how wrong their first impression was about them. They both stated the person they both judged too harshly at first was Eric Braeden. They both said that he is an amazing person, friend, and a true professional.

Melissa Ordway said, “I would have to say I was most intimidated by Eric Braeden. I was so taken by him because of who he is- he’s Victor Newman. I watched him on the air for a long time-years! He is just the smartest, friendly, sweetest guy on the set. He makes me laugh when we are filming and rehearsing our lines together.”

Daniel Goddard told Soap Opera Digest almost the same thing about Braeden. He said, “When I first started I was wrong about my first impression of Eric Braeden. He had the stigma of the tour-de-force persona, but once you got to know him; he’s an absolutely sweetheart and once of the nicest people you could ever meet.”

It looks like Eric Braeden has the persona of being Victor Newman with a hard exterior, only to find out he is a sweet, loveable, humorous man. All the actors who work with Braeden right now, sing his praises as being a wonderful friend and co-star.   Are you surprised that Eric Braeden is nothing like his alter ego Victor Newman? Would you be scared to meet him and feel intimidated by his presence at first?

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  1. linda champa says

    Yes, I think he is much like Victor Newman. A woman online called him on something she said he did, and he replied harshly in his own defense. I wrote and said that a gentleman should never speak to a lady in those terms. He then told me that he would always defend himself and could speak harshly to a woman if she did not herself act like a lady. I have it in print at home. Of course he is right to defend himself, but at the same time he is very defensive and angry. I have heard he has had fights on set in the past with some of his co-stars. I was not there so cannot answer for that, but his conversation with me with sharp and cutting.

  2. True Detective says

    Eric Braeden is a known egomaniac & no silly blame by tush-kissing co-stars can cover it up. His conduct with fans on twitter has been ugly with his insults and name calling childishness. There are many other people that paint a far different of this man. Peter Bergman & Michael Muhney were both physically attacked by this bully.

  3. Darlene says

    I’m not sure that I believe them. It’s all about PR as their ratings down. Other actors and soap rag publishers have said that Eric is a lot like Victor Newman.

  4. Cathy Moss says

    I love Eric Braeden, I met him in person years ago at a Women’s Show in Springfield, MO. He had stayed the night at a Bed & Breakfast in the historical area and went running early am. He is a super family man. I have thanked his wife for sharing her husband with his fans. Eric has answered tweets that I and other fans sent, he doesn’t have to. As Victor Newman he gets to Act as evil or nice as the script says and he does both very well. Eric is a self made man and I think he is awesome as a person & actor.

  5. Mary Blackman says

    I would love to meet Eric Braeden! I can look at him and tell that he is a wonderful person. Humble, caring and we can’t forget, down right handsome. I would not be afraid of him.

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