The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Rick Takes All the Credit for Forrester Creations Success – Will Maya’s Secret Really Cause Scandal?

The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Rick Takes All the Credit for Forrester Creations Success – Will Maya’s Secret Really Cause Scandal?

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers tease that Rick (Jacob Young) will play Eric (John McCook) by taking credit for all the recent success at Forrester Creations. Rick may have boosted the numbers as CEO, but the employee morale has definitely taken a turn for the worst. The company must pay awfully well. There’s no other reason anyone would agree to work for such a tyrant. Nevertheless, Rick insists that growth and expansion are part of his new business mantra.

Of course, B&B fans know that honesty is a mantra of Rick’s as well. Rick has a hot temper and he doesn’t tolerate lies. Most of us assume Rick will fly off the handle when he learns that Maya (Karla Mosley) didn’t tell him she used to be a man. However, there are a lot of rumors floating around that Rick may not have the reaction most viewers expect. After all, Bradley Bell, the executive producer of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” has said in interviews that Maya’s story will be one of love and tolerance. That doesn’t mean Rick will say it’s no biggie, but it does hint that Rick might not be as outraged as we think. Perhaps Rick will be in a state of shock and give Maya the silent treatment as he tries to process everything. Still, Rick will undoubtedly come around eventually.

We’re already seeing the open-minded element in motion with Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Nicole (Reign Edwards). Both were angry with Maya in the beginning, but they appear to be warming up to the idea that Maya has made her transition. As for Forrester Creations, everyone seems to think that there’s going to be some sort of public relations nightmare if the truth gets out. In this day and age, having a transgender model could be a blessing in disguise. The company will probably be applauded for standing by Maya and ultimately, her look is really all that matters. Sure, there will be mild backlash from some, but let’s be real: the fashion world will likely accept Maya with open arms. Maybe “The Bold and the Beautiful” will take this in a different direction, but all the signs point to continued acceptance for Maya. Stay tuned to the CBS soap to watch the rest of Maya’s storyline unfold.

So B&B fans, what do you think about the news that Rick will take credit for the recent success at Forrester Creations? When Rick gets updates on Maya’s past, how will he react? What about the impact for the company? Will take a hit when Maya’s secret gets out or will it become even more successful? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy tomorrow for the latest “Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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  1. Amy says

    No, I think RICK needs to be taken down (basement style) and Maya’s never ending drama has to find its “THE END” lost sing too…. enough of having us rolling eyes and yawning about it everyday…

  2. ineta says

    if Rick hate lies,why transgender should be different?!Why her lies would be ok just because of her story?they are same lies!

  3. Mary says

    All this is pandering to the left. This storyline is ridiculous. Maya is WAY too feminine to have been a man and I am so sick of a tiny percentage of the population having so much influence. Enough already!

  4. Day 1 BB Fan says

    I am mad about this story. Regardless of what Maya has been through, she should not be white washed or made some misunderstood person. All other characters are made to pay, this lying, manipulative, gold digging, slintitled mini tyrant better too! I mean, Caroline was raised by 2 moms, wasn’t that worthy of all this attention Maya’s Transcended s/l is getting? That wasn’t PSA worthy?
    I hated Maya’s character before, and still do. So do MANY others (a majority as far as I’ve seen). Viewers want JUSTICE for Maya and Rick, not whitewashing!!!
    If you can’t give respect to a RAPE storyline, why does this deserve better?

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